Does Kim Kardashian plan to take the California bar exam?

After passing the baby bar on her 4th attempt, Kim Kardashian has been working on her bourgeoning legal career. Does she plan to take the full, extensive California bar exam and finally become an official lawyer?

The SKIMS founder gave us a clue during her 2023 TIME100 Summit interview with Poppy Harlow.

Kardashian Lawyers

Kim Kardashian isn’t the first in her family to pursue a career in criminal justice. Her father, Robert Kardashian, was actually the one who paved the way for the family name to be associated with law.

Most infamously part of OJ Simpson’s legal defense team in 1995, Robert Kardashian spent decades as a lawyer before his untimely death from esophageal cancer in 2003.

Robert and Kim had discussed her going to law school briefly before he was gone, but Kardashian never made it to law school in those days – in fact, she didn’t even finish college.

Kim Kardashian law student

Now in her 40’s, the mother of 4 has a new found respect for her late father’s career and seems to (finally!) be following in his footsteps.

Beginning in 2018, Kardashian has been studying law and working to help those she feels have been treated unfairly by the system.

In a move no one saw coming, Kim was featured alongside former president Donald Trump when he signed the First Step act into law.

The law reduces mandatory minimum sentences in certain cases, and also expands the ability for prisoners to earn shorter sentences through good behavior.

Keeping up with the bar exam

To become a lawyer in the state of California you need to pass the bar exam. The full exam is daunting, taking most students nearly two days to complete.

To prepare, a smaller pretest known cheekily as the “baby bar” is available to give students an opportunity to see how they would perform during the larger, more extensive test.

After 3 miserably failed attempts, Kim Kardashian passed the baby bar on try number 4 in 2021. So, does she plan to take the official bar exam? She explained her plans to Poppy Harlow at the TIME100 Summit late last month.

Time100 Summit

During the 2023 TIME100 Summit, Kardashian was interviewed by news anchor Poppy Harlow for a program called “Kim Kardashian: The Power of Influence.” Recognized for the success of founding her billion dollar SKIMS brand, the conversation quickly turned to law.

Answering Harlow’s question “You’re pretty close to becoming a lawyer… how close?”

I’m probably going to take the bar in February 2025. (…) I think it’s like a 36 percent pass rate.

According to Kardashian the baby bar is harder, with a 16% pass rate… so it’s very possible she will pass the official California state bar in 2025.

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