PHOTO Teen Mom Farrah Abraham and Sophia at Disney World

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia visit Disney World in Orlando

Leaving behind the frigid temperatures of her hometown of Council Bluffs, Iowa Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, her daughter Sophia and mom Debra Danielson headed to Orlando, Florida for a fun-filled visit to Disney World!

In the above photo you can see Farrah and Sophia having a good time in their Minnie Mouse ears as Debra took pictures. The trio spent the day partaking in all sorts of Disney World fun, like going for a spin in the famous Dumbo ride and having their portraits drawn by an artist on the street.

You can click on the photo at the top for a larger image, but here’s a zoomed in shot of some serious Sophia adorableness anyway:

Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia from Teen Mom in Minnie Mouse ears

It doesn’t appear as though the MTV camera crew was around, so this little excursion might have been “off the radar” as far as Teen Mom Season 3 is concerned. I suppose we will find out soon enough!

As anyone who has taken a family vacation knows, it can be quite the stressful affair, so seeing Farrah and Debra together and in good spirits is a great sign! Perhaps the perpetual feud between mother and daughter has reached a true cease fire?

Hurry up Season 3! We need to know these things!

Photos: (Taken on December 8, 2010)