VIDEO Phoebe Price says Farrah Abraham has a ‘drug problem’ and gets ‘outta control’ when she drinks

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The day after Farrah Abraham’s arrest stemming from a drunken altercation at the Beverly Hills Hotel last month, a paparazzo caught up with Farrah’s photo op gal pal Phoebe Price and he asked her about Farrah’s arrest. Phoebe pulled no punches with her response as she claimed Farrah had numerous prior run-ins with the law, is “outta control” when she drinks, and has a “drug problem.”

“You know, I was not surprised at all,” Phoebe said of Farrah’s arrest, “because this is what, like the sixth run in with the Beverly Hills Police?” Phoebe says that Farrah almost got arrested the night before the Oscars in early March.

“She almost got arrested up here at Barry’s,” Phoebe claimed, although I am unsure of the spelling or who Barry/what Barry’s is. “He decided not to press charges. That’s the only reason that she didn’t go to jail that night.”

Phoebe then brought up Farrah’s car being stolen and said that the former Teen Mom OG star was receiving threatening notes. “The Beverly Hills Police would not do anything about it,” Phoebe said. “So, I really think they have a grudge against Farrah. But, I know when she drinks, she’s outta control, and after the Barry’s incident, she said she was going to stop drinking. And, you know, Farrah needs to get help.”

Phoebe seemed to escalate her accusations at that point. “Farrah has a drug problem, and a bipolar problem. And she really does need to get help because of Sophia, and she has a great life ahead of her. I mean, she’s going down the Lindsay Lohan path, and you see what that got Lindsay. I mean, Farrah was in Dubai,” Phoebe added with a little bit of body language suggesting there may be an assumption to be drawn from Farrah’s trip there.

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“It’s just very sad to see. I’ve been friends with Farrah for a long time, and you know, when she’s drinking, she’s just outta control. And she thinks everybody is against her.”

Phoebe iterated the claim that there have been numerous incidents involving Farrah as a victim that the Beverly Hills Police Department “refuse to investigate.” She said that Farrah had expressed a desire to move out of Beverly Hills. “I hope she does,” Phoebe said. “And I hope she seeks treatment and moves on with her life.”

Here’s the full interview:

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