Courtland Rogers tweets about drug relapse and heading back to prison, Jenelle responds

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Jenelle Evans’ estranged husband Courtland Rogers has proudly remained sober since his release from jail back on July 26, a requirement as part of his probation. But, judging by some tweets by Courtland earlier today (that were quickly deleted), he has apparently relapsed and is heading back to prison.

The tweets were posted this morning with the first one reading, “I relapsed everyone there I said it admission is this way to go now Im going to prison for a year and a half of my life but I tried my best.” That was followed a minute later by the tweet, “I made it 6 months sober that’s the best I have ever done in my life and I will not stop now. I fell down to much stress I couldn’t deal.”

Because the tweets were deleted so quickly, some followers were debating whether or not Courtland’s account had been hacked, but his latest tweet (which is still up) seems to verify the “tweet and deletes:”


UPDATE – Courtland has since returned to Twitter and verified his earlier tweet and deletes. His newer tweets are added at the bottom of this post.

Jenelle responded to the announcement on Twitter by writing, “I told u guys he wasn’t sober.”

Of course that comment angered a number of people, one of which tweeted at Jenelle, “And you’re so f***ing happy about him relapsing aren’t you, sewer t**t?” Jenelle responded to that by writing, “no he just will never change and this proves my point.”

Jenelle seemed to have moved on as she shared a couple of fun vine videos, but then Teen Mom 3 star Alex Sekella’s ex, Matthew McCann (who has had his fair share of drug addiction problems), got involved. “Talking sh!t on someone who has relapsed doesn’t make you a better person,” Matthew tweeted, with the added #justsaying hashtag. One of Matt’s followers responded with, “A lot of people don’t realize that relapse is sometimes an expected part of recovery.” Matt then added, “It does happen. People shouldn’t kick him while he is down.”

“Matt I kno this but he has been to rehabs since he was 16… nothing will help him but HIMSELF now and clearly he doesn’t want any help.” Jenelle wrote in response, setting off a heated discussion:

Jenelle Evans Matthew McCann Twitter feud

Matt: For some people its a life long disease.

Jenelle: he is a very toxic person and physically abusive. He needs all sorts of help.

Matt: I know a guy, whose been to twelve different rehabs and it doesn’t stop him from trying

Jenelle: lmfao wrong again.. He never attended NA meetings ask Taylor

Matt: all I’m saying is if you relapsed, do you think it would help if all these people talked sh!t on you? You’re supposed to be a role model..

Jenelle: yeah but leaving rehab to go home and get high… Isnt trying at all

Jenelle: I am a role model… I’m sober, he isn’t…. Point blank. Now done discussing my POS ex

Matt: I’m not saying what he did was right but can’t you be the bigger person?

Matt: I just wish you’d realize this is bad for your recovery too.

Jenelle: Done discussing unnecessary bullshit. I’m happy with the life I am living now and very grateful to finally have. Happy and HEALTHY.

Matt: I just would like to say I didn’t mean to start sh!t. I didn’t know so many people would get involved.

@TMDiscussions: if you ever mention @PBandJenelley_1 in anything your mentions will be blown for the next week and a half. lol

UPDATE – Courtland just returned to Twitter and admitted he had in fact relapsed, but clarified that he hasn’t failed a drug test (yet):

I’m sorry

I didn’t fail a drug test

But I am telling yall what happened I haven’t taken a drugtest yet it could b out of my system b4 I even take one but I had 2 admit it @

I feel horrible but admitting it took a lot off my shoulders I have NOW stood back up to try this agAin unless I have to go to prison for it

If y’all hate me I understand but with everything that has been going on in my life I just snapped excuse it’s my fault but I’m sAd now

And I had to tell y’all I had to let it out …. I’m so f***ing p!ssed at my self like P!SSED but what can I do ?? Try this again

UPDATE – Radar Online published a story on Friday revealing that Courtland tried to sell them a video of his relapse, which featured him in the front seat of a car injecting heroin into his arm with a syringe needle. “I did relapse, see all my track marks,” he reportedly boasts in the footage. Soon after injecting the heroin he says, “Now I am officially high as hell.”

Unlike previous video footage of Courtland allegedly doing drugs, Radar passed on the purchase of this clip. “The desperate husband of Evans pleaded with to purchase the video — an advance we flat out refused,” says the article.

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