Jenelle Evans topless nude photos before and after boob job surface online

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans

A batch of nude photos have surfaced featuring Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans. The photos, which can be seen at, appear to be before and after shots of her breast augmentation surgery she had performed on Wednesday, May 2. There are two “before” photos – one with Jenelle in profile and the other from the front, and there are three “after photos” – two from the front and one profile shot. (One of the frontal post-surgery pictures features Jenelle completely nude with everything on display.)

In the three after shots Jenelle still has surgical gauze under her breasts where the incisions were made, so the photos must have come shortly after her procedure. That being the case, it leaves open the possibility that it was Kieffer Delp who leaked the photos because he and Jenelle broke up the day after her surgery.

If you remember, when Kieffer ripped up the love poem he wrote to Jenelle he tweeted a photo of the ripped up poem with the words, “It was all a lie but best friends means I pull the trigger best friends means yu get what yu deserve.” That had many wondering if he was going to sell a story to the tabloids – or I suppose nude photos.

“She likes them,” Radar Online’s source says. “She is really happy, but she thinks they’re lopsided.” The source later talks about Jenelle being in a good deal of pain just after the procedure and that she was “being a baby” about it.

“She got Hydrocodone (a prescription painkiller) and they had her on morphine while she was going through it. She was all high, she was eating the hydrocodones like they were Skittles,” the source says.

Of course I can’t be sure, but that sure sounds a lot like Kieffer talking!

Surprisingly, all has been quiet on the Twitter from from Kieffer, Jenelle, and her new boyfriend Gary Head. I’m sure there will be tweetageddon tomorrow!

UPDATE – Jenelle, Gary, and Kieffer all responded at length to the photo scandal on Twitter. CLICK HERE to read what they had to say, including Jenelle’s explanation for how it happened!

[NOTE – The original photo in this post has been replaced]