VIDEO Teen Mom 3 Alex Sekella on baby daddy Matt McCann’s serious drug problem

16 and Pregnant Alexandria Sekella's baby-daddy Matt McCann has a drug problem

This week’s 16 & Pregnant episode looks to be an explosive one as the preview provided by MTV is extremely dramatic, to say the least.

In the clip we see Alex Sekella (check out our full profile here) from Allentown, PA in an argument with her boyfriend and father of her daughter, Matthew McCann. Things get extremely heated as Alex goes off on Matt for being absent right after their daughter, Arabella Sekella-McCann’s, birth.

She accuses Matt of flaking out and he defends himself by stating that everyone knew where he stood. Then, when asked by Alex, Matt acknowledges that he’s talking about the option to give their daughter up for adoption. Alex fires back by telling Matt, “Something came over me at the hospital and I couldn’t get rid of her.” Here’s the clip:

Alex tells Matt to grow up, adding, “all you’re gonna be is a check in the dam* fu***ng mail.”

Matt walks away and Alex follows him down the street where they have it out. Alex yells at Matt in the street, “I’m trying to figure out what the f**k is going through your head. Whether you want to see that little girl who is sitting in that room or if you want to walk away and go hang out with your crackhead friends? You’re a f***ing deadbeat dad you know that? You’re nothing!”

After MTV put up this preview followers on Twitter asked her about Matt and Alex hasn’t shied away from putting it out there that he has a serious drug problem. She was asked if she was nervous for everyone to see her story and she responded, “I’m nervous of what ppl will think of Matt Him and devion are 2 peas in a pod.” (Devoin was the baby-daddy from Briana Dejesus’ episode, you can find out about him here.)

Someone quoted the crackhead comment to Alex and she tweeted the following:

Alex informed the same follower that MTV toned down Matt’s problem for the episode.

Fellow cast member Katie Yeager was surprised by Alex’s angry side, stating that she likes the sweet, happy Alex and she told Katie, “well since nasty Matt is gone she is around all the time.” She’s then asked if it’s easier with Matt out of the picture and Alex replied, “it iten tims easier but also arabella’s father is a substance abuser (aka crack head) and everyone is better iwthout him”

This same follower cautioned Alex on calling Matt a crackhead if it isn’t %100 true. Alex retorted:

“yes as well as every other drug you can buy off the street trust me i wish i cud lie abt his problem it kills me what he does.”

It should be a high octane show for sure Tuesday night. As usual we will be live tweeting if you want to join in.

UPDATE – Here are a couple post-show interview clips with Alex in which she talks about Matt and how much his actions have hurt her, going so far as to say, “Matt has basically killed me inside.”

This next clip focuses on the moment Alex found out she was pregnant:

From Alex Sekella on Facebook April 21:

Everyone please understand that Matt and myself’s relationship was as perfect as I could’ve asked for for the first year and a half not until I was five months pregnant did he become unreliable a drug user and missing all the time. When at the hospital I told Matt that he should not sign for her if he does not want her but he did sign for his rights to have her which was claiming himself to her an…d uses adoption as an excuse to go out and party all the time and not care for her. Whether or not Matt decides to be a parent towards her is up to him but so far he has not made any effort to her and in which so has forfeited his rights to her and I have since been moved on and have been happy as a single mother to my daughter playing both roles as the mother and father.

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36 thoughts on “VIDEO Teen Mom 3 Alex Sekella on baby daddy Matt McCann’s serious drug problem

  1. How do these guys get p**sy?!?!? Is it a requirement for 16 and preg baby daddies to have horrible hair?

  2. I must play Devil’s Advocate here and say this. All these girls like to bash the father of their children and say “he’s on drugs, he’s so horrible” etc. after the fact but most of them knew this when they were dating or hooking up with them, so why have unprotected sex?! I do not like to call anyone dumb but come on. These girls really need to get a clue. Having a baby does not turn a douche into father of the year over night. What do they expect?

    1. Thank you I couldn’t of said it better myself. Wasn’t this girl the one that caused all that uproar when she posted a pic of her baby barely strapped into her car seat? And then when anyone would even bring it up she would get pissy? So she can dish it out all day about her baby daddy but when anyone says anything bad towards her (that pic was kind of scary) she can’t take it. Also too if he was set on giving he up for adoption cause of his problems you can’t just expect him to get better and be dad of the year at the drop of a hat.

      1. EXACTLY! Everyone is beating Matt up over his addiction “oh he’s such a loser” etc etc – give the guy a break! Did everyone beat on Robert Downy Jr when HE was a “drug addicted loser”??
        Addictions are HARD. He needs to get better himself, learn to take care of himself before he can take care of a child!

    2. I agree with you.

      Anyway I think the girl started to realize that her life has broken a little bit and she won’t live together with the baby daddy.

  3. Yea, I was thinking the same thing: she knew he used drugs so why even be with him at all? She can’t really expect him to be a good dad when he’s a substance abuser. Also, it sounds like they agreed to the decision of adoption together. I’m not bashing her change of mind, but she cannot make a quick, sudden decision like that on her own and expect him to just be happy about it. He was probably blindstruck and maybe pissed that she changed the gameplan without even telling him. At least he is aware that he is not capable of being a father. It sounds like this was he stance the whole time, in which case, she has no reason to expect anything out of him. But I guess we’ll see tomorrow.

  4. Easily my biggest pet peeve about these girls is how nearly every single one treats their baby’s father. This wasn’t some raffle where you got the short end of the stick, you chose the douchebag. Maci and Chelsea are like the queens of this on TM. They never shut up about how they’re such a good parent and their baby daddy is a deadbeat and does everything wrong. Um, if your such a good parent then why did you bring your child into a failing relationship with a deadbeat dad that was never there from the start?? Luckily Ryan has come around quite nicely, but I never even really felt bad for Maci (and ESPECIALLY not Chelsea) because they deserved every piece of sh!t the guys threw at them. Especially in Chelsea’s case, I don’t think Adam would have chosen to have Aubree if you left the choice up to him. I think Alex’s is a similar situation. The guy doesn’t want to have the baby, but since the mom is irresponsible and thinks its a good idea to bring a child into a relationship that is obviously going to fail miserably, he’s stuck with child support payments and a mom that constantly tells the child what a terrible father he is.

    I understand the whole “don’t have sex if you don’t want a baby” but I think it’s more irresponsible to give a child to a person (especially when that person is still a child themselves)that doesn’t want it. Like the saying goes, never have sex with a guy unless you’d be proud to have a son just like him.

  5. Haha FML minus the whole deadbeat dad druggie ish, the hair and his style….his face is kinda cute

    1. I agree. He has a cute face, and he’s tall and kinda built… too bad he acts the way he does.

  6. Man, she seems more annoying than any other 16 and pregnant mom I can remember. I don’t even know if I will be able to sit through the entire episode if she acts that way the entire time. Yeesh.

  7. I don’t even think I am going to watch this episode. That girl sounds so annoying. It is sad to say but in this situation the drug addict father is the only one thinking rationally. He is right it would have been better in their situation for adoption. If she can’t just expect a drug addict to get clean right away . She should if decided earlier and givin this kid a chance to get sober or at leat try. This girl is incredibly selfish in her actions. I am not siding with him either. Why do you think Catelynn and Tyler gave their daughter up because their parents are drug addicts. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for this girl she had it coming. Yes, she was the girl that posted that pic of her daughter barely strapped into her car seat. He excuse they couldn’t afford a proper car seat. So it was the best thing for you to put a huge financial burden on your family, put your child in danger and have her not have a father , do you think that is fair to the child?

  8. This matt mccann guy looks alot like chris crocker.. the ‘leave britney alone’ guy.. weeeeiiirrrdd!! :/ lol

    1. lol! Yes I noticed this and was thinking “wtf?” He is definitely an addict. My daughter, who is 9, said “Gosh it must be so hot where they live”, Um no sweetie, it isnt.

  9. The girl sounds so annoying? You have these girls getting knocked up by dumb a$s little boys that wanna be “grown a$s men” what honestly do you expect? These girls man up so much more than the actual man ever has, they should all be given more credit. As for Matt, how more doped up could you honestly be like seriously get real, how sorry! If i were Alex i would have given your a$s what you deserve a long time ago. Dude you got life f*cked up be a man and take care of your responsibilitys…the ones you brought on yourself! Oh! Dont forget to sign those papers into rehab!! You dont deserve to be a father to that child, i wouldnt blame Alex for not keeping you in Bellas life! To all these other girls, its not easy for anyone to have a child ever but would you honestly give your baby up? If so your just as sorry Matt, you can always make anything happen as long as you want it bad enough. The girl trys her hardest she shows she is trying that should be all that matters.

  10. yes, hes def on heroin! the first episode he was nodding off, sweating, and kept dissapearing. I feel bad for Alex and the baby, but she needs to move on and do what is best for her and the baby! hopefully matt also gets help and stays off that sh*t! Alex had to make some really hard decisions and even tho adoption might have been the better route its very hard for a mother to give up her child! I hope her and her baby have a great life!

  11. I could tell by watching the show (when he was in the room for the ultrasound) that he was effed up on something other than alcohol.. or coming down off of…

  12. This episode was the saddest, and that is saying something. I also had reservations about Alex based on the preview, but I was impressed how hard she worked (2 jobs AND school!) while Matt did jack (opioid abuser for sure). Alex also showed a lot of maturity and insight considering her age and situation. I can’t judge her decision to keep her baby; such a difficult and personal decision. Also, they briefly showed older pictures of the couple. They were together for 3 years (I think?) and Matt looked cute with his dark brown, cleanly cut hair. Maybe he wasn’t into drugs so much when she got pregnant. You can’t judge the poor girl knowing only bits and pieces of the story. I felt really sad for Alex because she initially didn’t even have support from her mom. Matt made things worse when at the hospital he was on his best behavior, said he wanted to be a father, and promised to be in the baby’s life as much as possible. Sadly for everyone that turned out to be hardly at all but by then Alex was too attached to the baby. Alex made some ridiculously difficult decisions by ending their years long relationship, turn her back from a boy who is obviously very ill from addiction and needs help, all for her daughter. He was probably a cool guy once, so I’m sure that was tough. Unlike many of the TMs, Alex seems to be a determined and committed mother who can succeed if given opportunities and I hope MTV does that for her. Best of luck to her! I’m really pulling for this one!

    1. LeAnn, I completly agree with you! I really felt for this girl. She was willing to do anything to keep her daughter without any support. Someone said Matt was the only one thinking with sense. I dont think so! He only wanted to give up the baby because he is a drug addict and didnt want the responsibilty. If he got a job and helped Alex the situation would have been fine. The poor girl is working 3 jobs and going to school without any help from him! the least he could do is watch the baby while she works! Alex was the best mother I have seen on this show. She is a good mother, motivated, and strong. I dont see how people call her annoying, all she is tryin to do is raise her daughter. Annoying- that would be someone like Farrah who has all the help she needs and talks to her parents like peices of sh*t, completly ungrateful! I wish this girl the best of luck in the future. She just needs to move on from Matt and make sure she sends him to court for child support. He was man enough to make a baby, but not man enough to help to care of her. Sad Sad story! I feel very bad for Alex!

      1. Matt has a DISEASE. Do you understand that? “oh but if he got a job and supported the baby it would be fine”
        Are you kidding? Are you high yourself? a DISEASE. You dont just wake and go, oh yep time to kick one of the hardest drugs in the world and take responsibility. He was actually being responsible saying he didnt want a kid BECAUSE of his addiction! Give the man credit.
        Alex is an annoying cow who is nothing but selfish, whingy and very hard to watch on tv. She should have adopted the child out instead of using it as a PAWN against Matt.

      2. “oh he could have watched the baby while she worked” < WTF? Oh yep, let the man who is addicted to heroin look after your child? Smart move, mother of the year award for you. Farkkkken hell.

  13. I didn’t like this episode at all. My heart broke for the family who wanted to adopt Arabella.

    Did anyone notice how she was not properly restrained in her carseat? Going home from the hospital the chest clip was not at her chest but down on her stomach and she was practically flipping over. Every time I saw her in her carseat she was not properly restrained in the carseat.

    Then there’s the issue of Alex trying to get Matt to babysit ok if you know he has all these issues with drugs why on earth would you trust your child with him. Yes he’s the sperm donor but still. SMH.

    In after show interviews it was nice to see she has gotten her head on straight and is going on without matt.

  14. Can any woman reading this please explain to me why these girls expect these dirtbag dads to step up? Look at Adam on Teen Mom. That guy is just a prototypical bro with all of his bullshit tattoos, riding his Harley. I always laugh when they show him eating wings and drinking beer. It’s douche-bag fuel! These women need help, but they need it from a reliable source like family and friends. If these men are fathers then they should do what a father is supposed to do. These women should focus on themselves and their children and forget about these worthless “men”.

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