The Miami Heat’s photobomb war is epically awesome

LeBron James photobombs Dwyane Wade

With a 27-game win streak, the Miami Heat is undeniably one of the most dominant teams in the NBA. But, it’s not all work and no play for the team’s stars… The roster also features some of the most impressive photobombers in the world.

Power forward-center Chris Bosh is the most common culprit in the ever-developing photobomb game. No one is safe from Bosh’s creepy/hilarious gaze: Not Clippers’ guard Chris Paul after the All-Star Game.

Chris Bosh photobomb at All-Star Game

^Twitter photo from World of Isaac.

Not even his own teammates, as evidenced by this picture of him gazing into the camera while Dwyane Wade was giving an interview.

Chris Bosh Photobombs teammate

No place is too formal for Bosh to pull a photobomb, either. Here he displays a strange grin in the White House behind teammates and Heat owner, Micky Arnison.

Chris Bosh 1

Still, Bosh clearly has a favorite target in LeBron James. Against James, Bosh has pulled out some of his more complicated photobomb moves. My favorites are the elevator gaze…

And the unaware nose pick.

But, as a natural competitor, James isn’t content with letting Bosh become the team’s photobomb king. During Ray Allen’s post-game interview on Monday, James pulled a move of his own.

So, thanks, Miami Heat. You’re making the NBA more exciting, one photobomb at a time.

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