VIDEO Farrah Abraham further “explains” her DUI arrest

Farrah Abraham addresses her recent DUI arrest in a confusing interview with TMZ Live

Usually a celebrity DUI arrest means 24 hours of media attention, a regrettable mug shot photo, a fine and a court date. But former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is no usual celebrity! She’s managed to turn her DUI arrest into a weeklong PR fiasco that has included a terribly unflattering police report detailing her arrest, Farrah’s rather odd assertion that she was sick and that’s why she registered a .147 BAC, a photo of Farrah holding two glasses full of Guinness beer on St. Patrick’s Day (hours before her arrest), four Photoshopped mug shot photos (still no real one though!), and most recently a series of pictures of Farrah kissing a girl and a large bottle of booze while wearing only lingerie at an Omaha night club in January.

In an apparent attempt to clear up any misconceptions about her arrest, Farrah called into TMZ today, where she confirmed that she was drinking and driving – but doesn’t feel she did anything wrong. Confused? So were we. Take a look at the video and read the transcript below:

Q: So, what we need to hear from you is how you ended up with a .147 blood alcohol level if you weren’t drinking when you were arrested last week.

A: Well, when I was arrested, I was not drinking while getting arrested and I was not put in jail. I was simply just arrested to get a ticket written up.  I did blow a 1.47 so I’m not lying –

Q: Woah, woah, Farrah, I think it was a .147. You’d be dead with a 1.47. You’d be dead.

A: Thank you for correcting me. I don’t drink much so I’m not too worried about it, but yeah.

Q: How could you have done that if you weren’t drinking?

A: I was drinking throughout the night but I was just getting drinks from friends and I was not really trying to drink. It was St. Patrick’s Day night. I was with my sister, waiting on my sister to let me know when she wanted to leave. Unfortunately, I had no – um – my sister never had told me when she was ready to leave and when she was ready to leave she was trying to leave me, and I think that was what caused me to try to understand what can I do in this situation, even though I was put in a bad situation and rushing, and at the time when I was approached by a police officer, I was not even driving at the time. I was only in my car turning the corner and parking my vehicle and that’s when I was approached and I told the officer exactly what I was doing so I was not being negligent and I was not trying to be a criminal –

Q: But you were behind the wheel? Farrah, that’s called driving. Farrah, that’s driving.

Farrah Abraham funny awkward

A: No, ’cause I was parked.

Q: But, no, you said you were driving –

A: (mumbled) in the front of the car – you’re right, but I was not driving.

Q: But no, you said – Farrah, can I ask you a question? This is Mike.

A: Yup.

Q: Do you think that the .147, like they said, is a pretty high alcohol level? Are you saying you don’t think that was accurate, that you’re going to fight the fact that you were that drunk when they ran the blood?

A: No, I’m not fighting that at all, and my lawyer clearly shows like I know how much was drank and I know where I was; I can recall the whole evening completely fine. Like I said, I was not negligent. I know exactly what was going on, I did not fight the police officers, I was put in a very bad situation, and I really have nothing to worry about in terms of you know being in jail, getting a mugshot, having that on my record, no. None of that’s coming up, so –

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham crying mugshot photo
^ One of our 4 Farrah Abraham mug shot Photoshop guesstimates

Q: That was actually the next thing I was going to ask you. In the police report, it says that you banged your head on the car window in the cop car, what was that all about?

A: And it was also reported that I was, like, purposefully putting my teeth on –

Q: Right, biting it – that’s in the police report, that’s right.

A: Um, so, for the breathalyzer part and for the head banging, I know my hands were, like, behind my back and I play soccer so I’m like, well, if I can’t use my hands, I have to use my head. I was clearly trying to get the attention of the police officer who was talking to my friend at the time, and was taking my car keys at the time, so I was wondering, why are they not talking to me?

Q: You said a couple of times that you weren’t negligent. Yet, you’re saying, you were driving the car at some point and you were drunk and you had been drinking and you made a poor decision… you don’t think you did anything wrong here?

A: I don’t, ’cause I did not endanger anyone’s life –

Q: So, Farrah, I got a question for you: do you think that it should be okay for people to drink and drive, as long as they’re not driving long distances?

A: No, I really don’t. I’m not even about driving my own car when I feel like I’m drunk, that’s why I had my friend with me in the vehicle and I had to turn the corner to park it in a different spot –

Q: No, I know, but that’s what I’m saying, because you didn’t drive a long distance, you drove a very short distance –

A: Nobody understands what I was really trying to do, and how I was trying to get to my sister; that’s why I had a sober friend with me and I had to move my car –

Q: Why didn’t you let the sober friend grab the keys? Why didn’t the sober friend drive the car?

A: Because she doesn’t have a license to drive my car. That’s why my car got towed later in the evening…

Q: Oy, vey. Oh, boy.

I am assuming that is what they call in the PR world “one step up, three steps back.”

Stay tuned folks, I’m sure there will be more soon. (My money is on a lengthy Sulia explanation explaining her explanation.)

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