“Chinplants” are the fastest-growing plastic surgery trend in the U.S.

vicki gunvalson before and after

What do Vicki Gunvalson Farrah Abraham, Heidi Montag, Bristol Palin, and Arnold Schwarzenegger all have in common?

They have all had, or have been rumored to have had, chin implants.

Just as breast implants were the plastic surgery du jour of the 90’s, chin implants, or “chinplants”, are apparently all the rage today. The American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) reported that chin implants were the fastest-growing cosmetic procedure last year; in fact, chin augmentation increased more than breast augmentation, Botox, and liposuction together! Dr. Darrick Antel, a New York plastic surgeon, said in an ASPS news release,”The chin has long been used as a basis for judgment of human character. We may perceive someone with a strong prominent chin to automatically be more aggressive, athletic and decisive. This is true of both men and women.”

And just what will a “chinplant” run you, price-wise? According to the plastic surgery information website RealSelf.com, the average “chinplant” is about $3,925. The Daily Mail reports, “Implants can either be temporary – where surgeons inject fillers such as Radiesse or the patent’s [sic] own fat – or permanent with silicone.”

 And as with any cosmetic procedure, celebrities are right on trend, and are lining up for the procedure in droves!

'Teen Mom' star Farrah Abraham after chin implant and nose job

Young women are seeking the procedure more and more: Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol Palin, was rumored to have gotten a “chinplant” after having jaw surgery and Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder admitted to having gotten a “chinplant” as a high school graduation gift. Another young star who has gotten a “chinplant” is Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham. As we previously reported, last year Farrah famously treated herself to a $16,000 makeover, which included a new nose and a new chin. This was the second time the reality star went under the knife, as she previously admitted to having a $5,000 breast augmentation surgery. (Just think of all the diapers that could buy… no judgment, of course.) Farrah told In Touch, “I’ve hated my nose since I was 13.” Although she didn’t mention having hated her chin before, plastic surgeons often suggest a chin implant with rhinoplasty, as a large nose and a weak chin tend to go together.

Many men and women are choosing to get chin implants as a result of aging. ASPS President Dr. Malcolm Z. Roth said, “The chin and jawline are among the first areas to show signs of aging… We also know that as more people see themselves on video chat technology, they may notice that their jawline is not as sharp as they want it to be. Chin implants can make a dramatic difference.” ASPS reported that more men were likely to have chin augmentation surgery than women, and that the numbers were highest in males aged 40 and up.

Of course, men aren’t the only ones having this procedure. Another New York plastic surgeon, Dr. David Rapaport, confirmed the trend in aging populations, telling The Daily Mail, “A weak chin makes an aging face look older, and we most commonly see this in women.” He reported that women commonly have the surgery to get rid of jowls and add definition.

Additionally, some people have the procedure because there’s really no other way to obtain a stronger chin, as it is not a body area one can “work out”; Dr. Antel told The Orange County Register, “Many of my patients who have had chin work hear comments like,  ’Have you been working out lately?’  I think that sums it up well. And you can’t diet and exercise your way to a stronger chin. You either have it, or you don’t.”


Real Housewives of Orange County’s Vicki Gunvalson is one woman over the age of 50 who has been rumored to have gotten a “chinplant.” Recent photographs of the reality TV star reveal Vicki looking noticeably different. Reportedly, she debuts her new look and announces that she has gotten a nose job and chin implant on the upcoming season of RHOC, which premieres this Monday. Some speculate that Vicki’s plastic surgeries are a result of remarks made by fellow “housewife” Gretchen Rossi’s boyfriend, Slade Smiley, (who has been on every season of the show and might as well be a housewife), in his stand-up comedy routine last season, in which he likened Vicki to Miss Piggy. Well, eat your words, Slade: Vicki is parading her new chin around town and there is nothing you can do about it!

In the video below, Real Housewives of Orange County’s Tamra Barney discusses Vicki’s rumored plastic surgery with Gretchen. She says, ““Does she not look different, look at her chin! She got a chin implant!” All I can say is good luck to Vicki when she debuts her new look to this crew: she may give a whole new meaning to “taking it on the chin”!

Top and bottom photos: V Labissiere / Splash News, WENN.com 

Middle photo: In Touch


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