SISTER WIVES Mykelti: Meri was emotionally abusive to all the kids, but she got the “brunt of it”

Mykelti Brown

A couple of weeks ago Paedon Brown implied in an interview that Sister Wives‘s Meri Brown had been abusive towards the children. He did not use the word abuse, but responded to a comment about abuse and changed the word to “abrasive.” He also stated that Meri’s abrasiveness went “far past verbal.” Now, Paedon’s sister Mykelti has made a statement about Meri Brown.

Mykelti and her husband Tony uploaded a video to their Patreon directly speaking about what they think about Meri.

Mykelti spent a lot of time writing out her thoughts on her phone before making the video and read out her statement without adding extra commentary in the moment. She says she did this to make sure that she was being heard.

She says she doesn’t remember Meri ever being physically abusive to her, but states that Meri “was very emotionally and verbally abusive to all of us.”

According to Mykelti, the emotional and verbal abused ceased when the kids got older, and Mykelti speculates that this is because they reached a point where they were able to “fight back.”

Mykelti feels that she “got the brunt” of Meri’s abusive behavior, and she says that many of her siblings have told her that they also think Mykelti received “the worst that she gave.” Still, she wants to make clear that all of the children were affected by Meri’s behavior.

Even though Mykelti says she never experienced physical abuse, she says she doesn’t want to discount any other of her siblings’ experiences.

In a recent Q & A with her Patreon audience, Mykelti’s sister Gwen stated that she did recall seeing Meri become physically violent with Mykelti once. This was the only time Gwen says she recalls Meri getting physical with a child. Again, Mykelti says she had no memory of physical violence against her by Meri.

Mykelti also addressed that both she and Meri sell products from the MLM LulaRoe, which causes them to sometimes professionally “cross each other.” They still don’t interact with each other, but they do remain “cordial.”

Although most of their LulaRoe activity is conducted online, there are often organized events both Mykelti and Meri attend. They are both probably high up in the LulaRoe structure because of their status as well-known influencers.

Mykelti has a firm boundary with Meri, which she intends to keep moving forward. Meri isn’t a part of her or her kids lives, and Mykelti never wants her to be because of all the trauma she experienced.

She goes on to say that she doesn’t think Meri is a “terrible person,” but also doesn’t think she’s a “nice person.” She wishes Meri the best in the future, especially the hope that she will find love and happiness.

Mykelti is happy that Meri and Kody have publicly announced the end of their relationship because it means that they can both move forward now.

At the end of the video Mykelti’s husband Tony shared his thoughts. He says that he never really interacted with Meri, so his opinion comes from what his wife Mykelti tell him. Because Mykelti has shared with him that she’s been hurt by Meri, Tony doesn’t really like Meri. “I tend to not like people that hurt my wife,” he says.

Tony also shared hope that Meri find happiness now that she’s single and wished her the best.

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