SISTER WIVES Christine Brown’s controversial child excluded from birthday celebrations

All of Christine Brown’s children gathered to celebrate the June birthdays in their family, but one controversial Sister Wives star was missing.

Read more to see who didn’t get the invite….

Sister Wives

Sister Wives is a TLC reality tv program that has aired for a whopping 17 seasons. Since its debut in 2010, the stars have gone through many ups and downs… documenting them all along the way.

Centered around Kody Brown and (originally) his 4 wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn, currently there is only 1 real “functional relationship” in the group – as all the spouses besides Robyn have essentially disbanded.

The first to officially leave the family was 3rd wife Christine Brown, who has already moved on and is engaged to widow David Woolley.

Christine Brown’s children

Kody and Christine Brown had 6 children before their “spiritual divorce” in 2021. Because they were never officially married due to polygamy/bigamy laws, the pair were separated just by calling it quits.

Christine Brown’s children include: Aspyn (born March 1995), Mykelti (born June 1996), Paedon (born August 1998), Gwendlyn (born October 2001), Ysabel (born June 2003) and Truely (born April 2010).

While many of them are very close, there is a major rift between a few of the siblings. This was never more obvious than recently when the family gathered to celebrate their birthdays.

June birthday celebration/exclusion

Two of Christine Brown’s kids have June birthdays, and the whole lot got together to honor these siblings. They all seemed to be having a blast… with one notable absence.

Son Paedon brown was not included in the celebrations, possibly because of his recent controversies which include fighting with Christine’s fiancé and having a physical altercation with sister Gwendlyn.

While it’s possible that this was a girls only event, the fact that he was the only one missing is telling. He is also the only Brown sibling not invited to Gwen’s upcoming nuptials, due to him allegedly not supporting the LGBTIQA+  community.

Interestingly, you have to scroll back quite a ways to see Paedon included in any of the Brown’s events. Christine appears to mostly hang out with just her female children.

Was Paedon’s invite omission just a coincidence or is it a sign that there is trouble brewing between Christine Brown’s children?

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