FAMILY BY THE TON How is Amanda now? (Before and After 500-lb weight loss)

It’s been two years since Family by the Ton Season 2 aired featuring the weight loss struggles of the King Family. For family member, Amanda, losing weight was a matter between life-and-death as she had been diagnosed with endometrial cancer in 2016, but she couldn’t start receiving cancer treatment until she reduced her weight to a less dangerous level. At the time, her weight was more of a threat to her life than the cancer.

During episode two of season two, which aired again tonight on TLC, Dr. Procter performed surgery on Amanda. By 2019, when the show began airing, Amanda was already doing well with her health and weight loss, and finally saw a “future worth fighting for.”

In May, 2020 Amanda shared on Twitter that she’d lost an incredible 450 lbs from her high weight at 715 lbs.

And it looks like she’s keeping the weight off! As of 2021, Amanda is doing better than ever with an almost 500 lb. weight loss. She’s is pretty active on her Instagram and TikTok accounts where she shared she recently attended her first concert.

On May 7, 2021 Amanda shared a before and after pic of skin surgery on her arm. The difference is amazing!

In March, 2020 Amanda got married and changed her last name from Johnson to Register.

PHOTOS via TLC/Amanda Register Instagram

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