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Bobbi Kristina lawsuit accuses Nick Gordon of giving her a “toxic cocktail”

The conservator of Bobbi Kristina's estate has spoken out against Nick Gordon for the first time, saying that she believes it was a "toxic cocktail" supplied by Gordon that was directly responsible for Bobbi Kristina's fate. That cocktail–along with Gordon's overall behavior–are the reasons for the ongoing Bobbi Kristina lawsuit, which seeks $10 million in damages.

Nick Gordon blames drugs for Bobbi Kristina’s condition in secret recording

An audio recording of Nick Gordon, made shortly after Bobbi Kristina's January 31st bathtub incident, captures Gordon discussing what happened and blaming Bobbi Kristina's drug use for her medical condition. The recording was made without Gordon's knowledge, and has emerged just as the investigation into Gordon's abusive behavior is heating up. Read on for a transcript.