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PHOTO Nick Gordon faces overwhelming backlash for ‘creepy’ Bobbi Kristina Christmas card

The Bobbi Kristina Christmas card that Nick Gordon chose to share with the world this year has gotten attention for all the wrong reasons. Gordon, who remains the sole suspect in the ongoing criminal investigation into Bobbi Kristina's death, photoshopped his late ex-girlfriend into a card and shared it with his followers on social media. The backlash was swift: read on to see what people are saying.

Bobbi Kristina’s final hours: Friend opens up about the night of the bathtub incident

Danyela Bradley, a friend and former houseguest of Bobbi Kristina Brown, has made public her recollection of what happened during Bobbi Kristina's final hours. Bradley claims to have witnessed the "screaming" argument between Bobbi Kristina and boyfriend Nick Gordon, and says she saw Gordon assault Bobbi Kristina shortly before she was found face-down in her bathtub.

Bobbi Kristina family feud worsens: Leolah Brown says Pat Houston is partly responsible for Krissi’s death

The long-running feud between Bobbi Kristina’s aunt Leolah Brown and the rest of the Houston family has turned even more bitter. In her latest Facebook rant against the Houston clan, Leolah calls Pat Houston a “fake”…and claims that Houston was indirectly responsible for Bobbi Kristina’s death.

Bobbi Kristina drug use: Fallout from ex-roommate’s testimony over crack, heroin

Negative attention regarding Bobbi Kristina drug use continues to mount, in the wake of ex-roommate Danyela Bradley's recently released testimony on the topic. Bradley was testifying about a car accident in which Bobbi Kristina had been involved several days before she was found face-down in her bathtub at home; that testimony, though, provides an opening for Nick Gordon's legal team in the Brown family's $40 million lawsuit against him. Read on to see the latest.

REPORT Bobbi Kristina drug use: Court documents allege heavy crack, heroin abuse

Rumors about Bobbi Kristina drug use have persisted for years–and now, thanks to recently released court documents in the ongoing civil suit against Nick Gordon, we've seen some of the ugliest stories yet. Legal observers claim that friends of Gordon have testified about Bobbi Kristina drug use in order to strengthen Gordon's defense; Brown and Houston family supporters say Gordon is simply trying to smear the deceased.

Nick Gordon tweets cryptic message about pain after being accused of poisoning Bobbi Kristina

Nick Gordon tweets every so often–but his Twitter activity is sporadic in the wake of Bobbi Kristina's death, and his Twitter account is now private. Even so, news of Nick Gordon tweets travels quickly, thanks in part to the $40 million civil lawsuit Bobbi Kristina's family filed against Gordon. Read on to see Gordon's most recent tweet...and to find out what it means.

REPORT Nick Gordon accusations: Gordon ‘battered’ Bobbi Kristina, ‘injected’ her with toxic cocktail

According to new documents from the civil case pending against him, the Nick Gordon accusations are even worse than previously reported. Where before we had been led to believe that Gordon fed Bobbi Kristina a toxic cocktail, it's now alleged that Nick Gordon injected Bobbi Kristina with the sinster substance while she lay in a tub of cold water.

Nick Gordon begs for an end to Bobbi Kristina wrongful death lawsuit

Nick Gordon and his legal team are begging an Atlanta court to halt the Bobbi Kristina wrongful death lawsuit brought against him by the conservator of Bobbi Kristina's estate. Papers filed by Gordon's lawyers on their client's behalf allege the irreparable damage that the lawsuit is doing to Gordon's reputation. Legal observers allegedly speculate that the real reason for the plea has nothing to do with reputation, and everything to do with murder–read on to find out why.

Bobbi Kristina Update: Bobby Brown blames Nick Gordon directly, says ‘We know who harmed Bobbi Kristina’

Bobby Brown has made his first public statement regarding the ongoing legal proceedings against Nick Gordon, and it's a doozy: Brown calls Gordon's lawsuit frivolous, implies cowardice on Gordon's part, and suggests that the harm Gordon did to Bobbi Kristina was directly responsible for her death. Read on for the full statement in the latest Bobbi Kristina update.

Bobbi Kristina Update: Has the Bobbi Kristina murder investigation begun?

Though no criminal charges have yet been filed against Nick Gordon or anyone else, speculation is rampant that the Bobbi Kristina murder investigation has either begun or is about to commence. Sources point to the transfer of the investigation from the smaller Roswell Police Department to the much larger Fulton County PD, plus renewed police interest in the case, as the primary causes for belief.