VIDEO Watch Nick Gordon’s bizarre Dr. Phil interview

Nick Gordon Dr Phil Interview

In an interview/intervention with Dr. Phil, Nick Gordon claimed he “would never hurt anybody” and is torn apart by Bobbi Kristina Brown’s ongoing medical problems. However, his behavior during the segment — which was filmed last week before he went to rehab — is deeply concerning.

Before the formal interview even began, Nick begged Dr. Phil not to include the many scenes of him crying because he didn’t want to look weak. When he then went into the interview room, he was overcome with emotion upon seeing his mom, Michelle Gordon.

“Mommy! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh,” he said tearfully. “Mommy, I’m so sorry for everything… Ok, let’s do this… I’m good, I’m good, I’m good. Mom, I would never hurt anybody. I love people. I love babies. Everything!”

As Dr. Phil tried to get started, Nick interrupted to admit he had been drinking “a lot” and abusing Xanax, but claimed he’s been “sober besides that.” He said he’s been doing that because his “pain is horrible” and his “heart hurts.”

While the interview went on, Nick continued to oscillate between crying jags and trying to be composed for the discussion. In one especially bizarre part, the inebriated 25-year-old pointed at Dr. Phil and, while laughing, said, “Oh my gosh, I made him more famous!”

As for why he agreed to do the interview, Nick said it was to send a message to everyone who doubts his intentions.

“I want to let all you guys know I did everything possible in the world to protect them,” he said between tears.

Nick also seemed to go back and forth between agreeing that rehab was a good idea and not wanting to do it, but he was ultimately convinced to go. This week, Dr. Phil told Fox News that was his ultimate goal — not getting to the bottom of Bobbi Kristina’s medical emergency.

Dr. Phil said, “[The interview] got him safely tucked away and into rehab.”

Bobbi Kristina remains in a coma with little change in her condition for the past couple of weeks. She turned 22 earlier this month.

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