Below Deck’s Captain Lee & Pump Rules’ Jax Taylor get into Twitter tiff

Below Deck Captain Lee Rosbach and Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor feud on Twitter

It looks like we have ourselves a good old fashioned Bravolebrity sailor feud! In a rather unexpected bit of social media drama, Below Deck‘s Captain Lee Rosbach and Vanderpump Rules star (and 37-day aircraft carrier vet) Jax Taylor exchanged Twitter cannon fire on Sunday after Jax expressed his disdain for reality shows that are cast as opposed to featuring a group of people who were already friends — like Pump Rules.

Here is Jax’s initial tweet:

The biggest question I get is, why do you think our show is successful? Easy answer, listen up networks!! If you want to do a show w/ similar format to ours pick a group of friends that already exist and have chemistry, casted shows are fake and don’t work.

“Really?????????” Captain Lee responded.
“Yes, really!” replied Jax.

One Below Deck fan chimed in by pointing out : “I make sure every week I watch casted Below Deck…….”

Jax responded to that by poking the Captain Lee bear a bit, and that set off the salvo between the two:

I never said what show was casted, sounds like the capt got a little sensitive, what are you hiding that you took offense to that? ? to be honest that wasn’t even one of the shows I was thinking about? @capthlr but now I am curious. ?

Captain Lee later admitted he was just fooling around and there was no real animosity between him and Jax. “Don’t lower yourself to interact with that lying a**hole,” someone tweeted to Captain Lee about Jax. “He’s really way below your level of intellect. You’d have a more interesting and honest conversation talking with a fish.”

“Oh, I’m just having some fun,” Captain Lee responded. “Nothing malicious or mean intended at all. He has his job to do and I do mine. I have no issues with @mrjaxtaylor.”

And, as much as I might not like to say it, Jax is right in that he wasn’t really calling out Below Deck, but only shows “with a similar format” to Pump Rules. To be honest, I think he was calling out Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club on MTV, which was trying to be a Pump Rules clone with a cast that was derived from an international casting call. The show was a big flop. You may also recall that Jax claims to have hooked up with Lindsay, a claim that she flatly denies.

Jax explained further in tweets that did not involve Captain Lee:

Bumping heads on Twitter is nothing new for these two Bravo bros. Captain Lee took to the defensive just last month when Jax scoffed at the fact that Florida has a hockey team:

Also, Captain Lee and Jax have actually spent a little time together as they were both guests on the same episode of Watch What Happens: Live! back in September of 2017. Here’s a clip of them together answering questions about sex:

[advanced_iframe src=”” width=”480″ height=”270″ frameBorder=”0″ seamless=”seamless” allowFullScreen]

I think the very first Q&A sums up Jax and Captain Lee pretty well:

ANDY: My girlfriend will only have sex with me one or two times a week. How can I get her to put out more? Any advice?
JAX: Break up with her.
CAPTAIN LEE: Really? Treat her like a lady.

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