BLACK INK CREW CHICAGO Phor Brumfield’s full nude video and pics leak online

Phor nude video 1

Phor Brumfield has gone the Safaree route: he’s now the star of a leaked cell phone video featuring the Black Ink Crew Chicago cast member in all his full-frontal glory. Curiously enough, the full Phor nude video leaked a couple of weeks *after* Black Ink Chicago’s season finale, so we’re not yet sure whether the clip is meant to draw attention to an off-season project Phor’s got going on.

(Before we go any further, though, we should point out that we can’t actually embed the Phor nude video in the article itself. But the good people over at @lnhhfights have posted the clip on Twitter — and Twitter has no nudity restrictions! So, if you came to see Phor’s hammer in all its swinging glory, do yourself a favor and click here.)

We’re also not yet sure whether the leak of the clip is supposed to be revenge of some kind. Phor did spend most of Black Ink Crew Season 4 butting heads with his girlfriend Nikki *or* with the rest of the cast, most of whom feel like Nikki is a bad influence on Phor.

But it’s certain that we’ll find out who was behind the leak when Black Ink Chicago returns next year. LHHH Season 5 dealt with Safaree’s leak almost immediately. And Black Ink Crew has based entire episodes around Donna and Alex’s sex tape and Alex’s dick pic leaking online pretty much as soon as those things went public.

Oh, and one other thing you might want to remember. A few hours after the clip started to spread on social media, someone else leaked a nude pic of Phor, this time with a fully erect member. We can’t confirm that the photo is indeed of Phor, but, if you feel like seeing for yourself, click here. (If the link has stopped working, it’s likely because the man in the photo is not actually Phor, as some who’ve seen it are claiming.)

As of this writing, Phor has yet to make a public statement about the leak of his nudes. We’ll keep an eye out for any word and update this article when and if he has something to say.

Filming for Black Ink Crew Chicago Season 5 is expected to begin this winter.

(Photo credits: Phor nude video via Instagram; h/t @lnhhfights)
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