Who is Brody Jenner’s girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter? (Plus, Brody is a DJ now)

Brody Jenner has a new career as a DJ, a hot new girlfriend, and for a while, he had some adventurous facial hair adventures. No one knows how long Jenner’s been dating Kaitlynn Carter, a former Maxim Hometown Hottie, but things had definitely gotten serious enough between her and Brody that he wanted to bring him to step-sister Kim Kardashian’s wedding.

When news hit that Kris Jenner was paying for his brother Brandon and his wife Leah to go to Kim’s big bash in Italy, Brody asked Kim if he could bring his girlfriend Kaitlynn. Kim told Brody’s dad Bruce that she said no to that, and asked him to go talk to Brody about the situation. “I didn’t want to say it in front of mom because it’ll hurt her feelings,”She told Bruce “but I think Brody’s upset because you and mom paid for Brandon and Leah . . And he asked to bring, you know, his girlfriends and I said no,” she told him.

Bruce went to speak with Brody about it, and he ultimately told Bruce that he didnt want to go. At the time Brody apparently didn’t go because of work commitments, but Sunday’s episode of KUWTK showed that Brody declined Bruce’s offer to help him get to the wedding.


The episode also revealed Brody’s latest career path as a DJ. After spinning some in L.A. and Cabo, he took up a residency in Atlantic City in July. He’s also played around with some 70s “porn”-stache facial hair configurations, though it appears he’s gone back to just plain scruff beard lately.

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