Beyoncifying: Getting over your breakup by putting Beyonce’s face on your ex’s photos


19-year-old Cassandra Blackwel started a sensation this weekend when she used Tumblr and some casual Photoshop to get over an ex-boyfriend. Her secret, healing weapon? Beyonce.

Cassandra just started cropping Beyonce’s face, and sometimes her body, onto old photos of her and her ex from happier times. Happy photos always hurt the worst when you’re trying to get over someone, but Beyonce just magically erases all the sads. Cassandra herself put it best: “If imagining yourself at your happiest with Beyoncé doesn’t help, I don’t know what will.”


We could all take a crack at Beyoncifing, but Cassandra’s now taking submissions of your exes to get Beyoncified by her expert hands. You can send her your photos at

“I’m not trying to properly cover him, I’m just slapping him with Beyoncé, and people are really responding to that,” she told Buzzfeed about her Beyoncifying style.


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