This is what OITNB’s George Mendez looks like without his mustache


It’s hard to pull off a “pornstache” even if you’re a nice person, but when you the character George Mendez from Orange is the New Black it just makes our awful behavior seem creepier. Thankfully Pablo Schreiber, who plays Mendez, doesn’t wear a mustache (or a corrections officer uniform) in real life, and it makes all the difference.


Pablo is Liev Schrieber’s half brother, and has been on shows like The Wire and Weeds before, but it’s been hard to recognize him without that caterpillar on his face. Unfortunately, (or fortunately,) he won’t be reprising his Mendez role on the third season of Orange is the New Black. He’s got a sweet gig lined up, though, he’s set to co-star with Jack Black and Tim Robbins on a new HBO show called The Brink.

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