EXCLUSIVE Ryan Edwards and girlfriend Kirsten Cooper’s drama-filled last weekend together

Kirsten Cooper and Ryan Edwards together in Chatanooga

Ryan Edwards announced that he was in a new relationship with Hooters model/George Mason University student Kirsten Cooper just one day before Valentine’s Day. But now, just a couple weeks later, he is back on the market. While he nor Kirsten have revealed much about their break-up online, a friend of Kirsten’s is speaking out exclusively to Starcasm about the odd circumstances that led up to their split.

According to the pal, Ryan met Kirsten on Twitter earlier this month (although he told people they met in Knoxville, Tennessee), and after a few tweets and FaceTime sessions, the two became quite close — virtually. This weekend Kirsten flew to Chattanooga where she met up with Ryan face-to-face for the first time. Unfortunately, things didn’t exactly go as planned.

Kirsten flew in on Friday and after she arrived, both Ryan and her shared a few sweet tweets and even a couple of photos with their fans on social media. Kirsten stayed with Ryan at his parents’ house for the entire trip, and since he had Bentley that weekend, she got to know him as well. Things seemed to be going great and Kirsten was thrilled to finally be in the arms of her man.

Ryan Edwards and Kirsten Cooper attend motocross race

On Saturday, Kirsten arranged to spend some time with her cousin who goes to school in the area, but when she arrived back to Ryan’s parent’s house, their troubles began. “Kirsten was with her cousin all day Saturday, and when she dropped her back off at Ryan’s parents’ house around 11:00pm, he still wasn’t home. He ended up coming back at 2 am claiming he had a business meeting,” the friend tells Starcasm. It later became more clear that what Ryan was doing was attending Supercross without his new lady. “They were supposed to go together, that’s why he begged Kirsten to come this weekend.”

And after Saturday, things only got worse. Today, Ryan told Kirsten that he had a job interview that would only take 30 minutes but was gone for a whopping 5 hours. And where was Kirsten? Waiting at his parents house on her last day in town with no food or transportation and an aching heart.

Kirsten is now headed home to Virginia completely “heartbroken,” her friend says. Ryan told Kirsten that she could be the one and the two even discussed her possibly moving south at some point. She thought he really was falling for her, and now she’s left wondering what the heck happened. As if that weren’t bad enough, Kirsten’s friend tells us that Ryan is texting Kirsten with crazy messages including one in which he asks if she is coming back next weekend “to cuddle.”

Not exactly a textbook “catfish” scenario, but pretty close it sounds like. Maybe a muskie?

Photos: Instagram