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Below Deck Lexi Wilson Miss Bahamas with Donald Trump

Below Deck: Mediterranean stew Lexi Wilson had one of the funniest and most prophetic first few seconds of any cast member on any of the Below Deck shows. “I was Miss Bahamas 2013. But I don’t tell people,” Lexi told the show’s one million plus viewers in her first interview just seconds after we see her set foot on the yacht for the first time.

The scene then cuts to Lexi’s introducing herself to Katie as she is shown to her bunk. “I did a Miss Bahamas pageant,” Lexi tells Katie. The scene cuts again to Lexi’s intro interview talking to the camera, picking up right after saying she doesn’t tell anyone about her pageant title.

“Especially yachties. Like, they find out I was in a pageant, they’re just, like, ‘I’m your boss.’ OK. I’ll be the Cinderella with a broom, that’s fine. I’m still pretty; you’re not. So it’s OK.” And that’s how we all got to know Lexi!

Just as Lexi says, she won the title of Miss Bahamas in 2013. She would later fly to Russia to compete for the title of Miss Universe. Unfortunately for Lexi, she did not place in the Top 16.

Lexi Wilson Miss Bahamas Universe photos

Here are some photos of Lexi from the Miss Bahamas Universe pageant and the Miss Universe pageant, along with her Miss Universe bio:

Lexi’s Bio: Lexi Wilson was raised in the Island of New Providence and graduated from Langston University in Oklahoma with a Bachelors in biology. She loves the outdoors, modeling, singing, track and field, and spends much of her time on the Bahaman beaches. Lexi is dedicated to helping others because of the hardships she’s experienced in her own life.
Lexi’s Quote: “The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.”

Lexi Facts:
1. Lexi enjoys thrill-seeking water rides and roller coasters.
2. Lexi loves doing research and thinks she would succeed as a government agent.
3. Lexi is the best “shower singer” in the world, and accepts challengers.

Videos of Lexi Wilson as Miss Bahamas

In addition to the photos above, I’ve also been able to locate numerous videos of Lexi participating in the Miss Bahamas and Miss Universe pageants. In this first clip you can actually see the moment that she is announced Miss Bahamas at right around the 1:15 mark:

Here’s a video montage of Lexi Wilson competing in the preliminary rounds of the Miss Universe pageant, including swimsuit and evening gown. At the time, Lexi was apparently planning to become an orthodontist.

Curious to know what the one piece of technology is that Lexi can’t do without? Do you want to see her kinda maybe not really do a crab walk? We’ve got you covered with this Miss Universe “Truth and Dare” clip!

More Lexi Wilson Miss Bahamas stuff!

Lexi’s Miss Bahamas platform was “Get Fit Bahamas,” a fitness programme to promote diabetes awareness. Here’s what she had to say about her hopes for her platform if she won Miss Universe:

I really want to get my platform out there because most queens tend to take on the role of having the crown and the sash but not implementing their platform, so I want to get that out there first. The programme is basically modelled after Michelle Obama’s “Get Fit America”, which focuses on exercising, healthy eating and nutrition.

It seems that becoming Miss Bahamas didn’t just make Lexi eligible for Miss Universe, it also earned her a ticket to the Miss Jamzone International pageant! (I have no idea what that is.) Unlike her trip to Russia, Lexi was able to come home from this pageant with another sash as she was 2nd Runner-up.

Here’s a video of Lexi during the competition revealing who she would give $5,000 to and why. The clip also features her being announced as 2nd runner up. The interview begins at right around the 4:15 mark, and the winners are revealed at the end.

Coincidentally, Lexi came close to meeting Papa Bravo himself, Andy Cohen, in 2013. Andy was offered the Miss Universe 2013 hosting gig, but he declined due to Russia’s recent adoption of anti-gay laws.

You can see Lexi Wilson continuing her bid to come in last place in the Lady Michelle Miss Congeniality contest with new episodes of Below Deck: Med airing Monday nights at 9/8c! Or you can catch the episodes early by streaming on Peacock+!

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