BELOW DECK MED Deckhand Jason will ‘never ever’ work with Storm again. What happened?!

Below Deck Med Jason Gaskell will never, ever work with Storm Smith again

It sounds like Below Deck Med viewers will be seeing some SERIOUS above deck drama this season! Deckhand Jason Gaskell was recently on Watch What Happens: Live! and revealed that he would “never, ever” work on the same boat as provisional bosun Storm Smith!

Jason’s reveal came while he was playing “Toenailing The Line” and answering questions. The very last question was: “Other than Raygan, which of your crewmates would you never want to work with again?”
“Storm. Hundred percent,” Jason quickly answered. “Never on a boat with him again. Never, ever.”
“Ever?” Andy asks, incredulously.
“Ever,” Jason asserts.

“OK,” Andy says,” Is that for reasons we’ve already seen? Or is there –”

“I dunno,” Jason cuts off Andy, raising his eyebrows and hinting that it’s not something he can talk about.
“Well, you know what’s aired,” And says, a bit confused.
“Uh,” Jason pauses. “It hasn’t been aired.”
“OK,” Andy says, “that is what you call a ‘tease.'”

And a tease is all it was because Jason didn’t share any more details on Watch What Happens: Live! or on social media after his appearance.

I suppose we are all left to ponder what Storm could have done to merit a lifetime coworker ban from Jason. Jason did mention “on a boat again” specifically, which makes me thinks the reason wasn’t personal but professional? To find out, be sure to keep tuning in for new episodes of Below Deck Med airing Monday nights at 8/7c on Bravo! Or, you can stream the episodes a week early on Peacock!

Here’s the full “Toenailing The Line” segment featuring Jason Gaskell from WWHL. The coworker question is the last one asked:

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