BELOW DECK Eddie Lucas and Rocky Dakota’s laundry room hookup

During Season 3 of Below Deck, which aired in 2015, Rocky Dakota helped the yacht Eros live up to its name (Eros is the Greek god of sexual love.) At first, it looked like she and Emile Kotze might have a chance at romance after they went on an awkward, but cute, date. Things fizzled out fast, however, and the audience soon found out that Rocky and Eddie Lucas may be hooking up despite the fact that Eddie had a girlfriend.

Early on, Eddie was often seen fighting with his girlfriend over the phone. Their relationship was tense because she had previously cheated on him while he was out on a charter season. Soon enough, though, Eddie was the one being unfaithful. He sent Rocky a suggestive text that led to them hooking up in the laundry room.

Eddie is seen sending the text, and Rocky is seen reading it at the end of episode 7 (‘Storm’s a Comin.’) “Pay attention girl!” Eddie tells her. “Stop going to sleep so early on slow days and you might get some stress relieved.” Rocky says she didn’t see Eddie’s suggestive texts coming.

She was, however, “down” with what he was suggesting. Rocky texted back “I f**king love you!,” and Eddie replied, “I love you too.” They then hooked up in the laundry room, where there were no cameras at the time, and continued to do so.

At the Season 3 reunion, Rocky claimed that they hooked up two more times after the season had ended, even though Eddie had expressed deep disdain for Rocky because she took off her clothes and jumped off the boat when Chef Leon got fired.

Rocky had a breakdown on camera when Eddie changed his tune with her, and told Emile what had happened between them. Soon, the news spread all over the boat. Eddie at first claimed Rocky was lying, and in a November 2020 interview with Cosmopolitan, Eddie says he can be “very sneaky,” and they “didn’t have anything on me until she felt slighted by me and decided to come out about it. That’s fine, I made a mistake, through and through on my part. The way I handled it was a mistake.” He also said that he didn’t think about what he was doing at the time.

Now, because of this laundry room hookup, there are cameras in the laundry room, which pick up plenty of drama. The third stew usually gets relegated to the laundry room, and this chore power dynamic can spur up a bit of interpersonal strife in itself.

At the reunion, Eddie said he and his girlfriend broke up after he told her what happened between him and Rocky, but that they were back together. In January 2020, at a Below Deck 100th episode celebration, Eddie Lucas revealed that while he and his girlfriend tried to work things out after his public infidelity with Rocky Dakota, things “ended worse than ever.”

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