TEEN MOM 2 Jo Rivera’s girlfriend Vee competing in Miss New Jersey pageant

Jo Rivera's girlfriend Vee Vetzabe Torres

Teen Mom 2 star Jo Rivera’s girlfriend of more than two years, aspiring model Vetzabe “Vee” Torres (photo above), is looking to put her good looks, talent, and personality to the test as a contestant in the 2014 Miss New Jersey Pageant! The 21-year-old made the announcement this week and has launched a fundraising campaign to help raise $2,000 to get her one step closer to making her dream a reality.

Here’s the message posted by Vee on her fundraising campaign at GoFundMe.com:

I am officially a 2014 contestant in the Miss New Jersey pageant & in order to accomplish my goal of possibly becoming miss New Jersey it is obvious I need sponsors. I need to raise enough money to get my sponsors & take this all the way. Any donation will help no matter if its big or small. This is very important to me. I am trying to accomplish something that’s been a dream of mine for a long time now so I would really appreciate any type of help. To everyone who wants to help/donate. Thank you so much! From the bottom of my heart & always remember good karma goes a long way! I am looking forward to my journey & the help is gladly appreciated & noted. XOXO, Vee

As of the time of this post Vee appears to be well on her way to reaching her goal with $440 raised already, including #300 from boyfriend Jo, who wrote “Good luck beautiful.”

Here’s a little glimpse into the future (knock on wood) courtesy of Photoshop:

Teen Mom 2 Jo Rivera's girlfriend Vee Vetzabe Torres Miss New Jersey pageant

And speaking of Jo, he announced Vee’s participation in the pageant to his followers on Twitter on Tuesday by tweeting, “So it looks like my Queen Vee has officially become a contestant of the Miss New Jersey pageant!” He then added, “She does need any help and support she can get so if your with her please check out this site http://www.gofundme.com/3jvow8?preview=1 any donation will help!”

Jo also sent a message to fans thanking them for more than just their support of Vee in the pageant: “And thank you to everyone for your continued support thru everything. I can’t describe how great people are to us everywhere. God bless”

The announcement sparked a pretty interesting conversation between Jo and a fan, who also happened to be a pageant veteran:

Fan: She WHAT? Hahahahahha. Oh damn. Does she know what she’s getting into? #pageantgirlforlife #itsrough

Jo: haha i guess we’ll see soon enough

Fan: I’ve been in pageants since I was 14. Tell her to make sure she can cover ALL tattoos to the point of invisible

Jo: I will definitely pass on the advice. Thanks

We wish Vee all the luck in the world, and hope to see her take the Miss New Jersey crown and move on to compete for Miss America in the fall!

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