Love & Hip Hop Atlanta update: Stevie J on Joseline’s ‘jealous bender,’ bringing Kelly Price onto the show

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta update 2

Could the latest Love & Hip Hop Atlanta update be true? Is famed producer Stevie J bringing Kelly Price onto the show when it returns for its fifth season later this year? According to a new report from none other than VH1 itself, the possibility is real, thanks to some intense in-studio work the pair has been laying down.

Kelly, Stevie, and Faith Price have all been spotted working together recently, and the producer has a new show, Stevie J and Joseline Go Hollywood, premiering this Monday, January 25th. Plus, the coy nature of VH1’s article suggests the likelihood of at least some sort of crossover–and VH1’s official updates on its shows tend to point toward expected plot developments on those shows.

Lending further credence to the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta update is the fact that Stevie himself shared a preview snippet of his work with Kelly via Instagram…

So focused with my sis @mskellyprice #DangerZone

A video posted by Stevie J. (@hitmansteviej_1) on

…and Kelly responded by sharing a whole binful of studio photos involving herself and Stevie J over the past 24 hours…

We back at it!!! Seriously…I don’t think y’all ready! @hitmansteviej_1 A photo posted by Kelly Price (@mskellyprice) on

#IdontThinkYaReady4ThisKelly @brunsonfactory with @repostapp. ・・・ @mskellyprice in the lab tonight !

A photo posted by Kelly Price (@mskellyprice) on

We SO in the zone!!! Just when we thought we couldn’t out do ourselves the next BANGER is born!!!! @hitmansteviej_1 A photo posted by Kelly Price (@mskellyprice) on

…including a snippet of a brand-new track:

As for the “jealous bender” that Joseline Hernandez allegedly went on while Stevie J was out of town? Stevie says that the destruction Joseline got up to–including bleaching “at least” $40,000 of his clothes–led to the two separating. Yes, they have a new show premiering in just a few days, but Stevie “confirmed” that, right now, he and J are apart. When asked why Joseline would have bleached out his clothes (including, separate from the $40,000 wardrobe, a $10,000 “vintage Bad Boy Records jacket”), Stevie was his usual laconic self: “I don’t know, man. Jealousy is a motherf*cker. Jealousy is weak.”

As for whether the two will reconcile, Stevie seemed resigned to the fact that two reality shows tie he and Joseline together: ““I’m going to where the money at,” he said. “I’m going to enjoy my family, man. Bad Boy for life, baby. I’ve got to follow my dreams and follow my vision. I’m at the best part of my life, right now: my career.”

Stevie J and Joseline Go Hollywood debuts Monday, January 25th, at 9 PM EST on VH1. You can check out the premiere episode here.


(Photo credits: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta update via Instagram)