Lisa Vanderpump denies National Enquirer story about spat with Andy Cohen

Did Andy Cohen and Lisa Vanderpump have a fight during Watch What Happens Live?

The National Enquirer recently published a story in which they claim Lisa Vanderpump threw a “hissy fit” during a break while appearing with the other five cast members from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Andy Cohen’s late night talk show and hilarity extravaganza, Watch What Happens Live!

The incident allegedly took place after a skit in which Andy suggested Lisa might be Joan and Jackie Collins’ long lost sister, which was followed by a series of silly doctored family photographs of the Collins including Lisa. Here are a couple examples:

Jackie Collins, Joan Collins and Lisa Vanderpump Collins from Watch What Happens Live

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Lisa Vanderpump water skiing with the Collins sisters

Lisa laughed and said, “We’re not related, and if we were they wouldn’t be my sisters they would be my mother.”

To which Andy responded, “OK, younger sister.”

Here’s a video clip of the skit from

The National Enquirer‘s source claims when the red light blinked off, she got in smirky Cohen’s kisser and shrieked: “How DARE you embarrass me like that on camera? Those ladies are at least 25 years older than I am!”

Lisa has responded via Twitter in her usual stately and dignified manner by tweeting on November 28:

In reply to some of your questions… not believe any of that trash in the enquirer,that is the worst part of being in this arena.:(

and again the next day:

Can you please retweet this…anybody who knows me knows I would not act like these obnoxious stories sold to the enquirer…thank you x

Judging from the evidence I am completely on Lisa Vanderpump’s side in this one! She not only seemed to take the joke well at the time, but she has since made numerous appearances on Watch What Happens Live! and always seems to be in the best of spirits around Andy.

I realize Lisa is too tactful to dignify this story with any sort of extensive statement, but I only hope the same can’t be said for Giggy the pom! I look forward to a serious literary ass woofin’ from Giggy in the next installment of his Bravo blog! Sick ’em Giggy! Sick ’em boy!

Here’s my suggestion for your next dog blog entry:

Giggy the Pom offers his opinion on the Lisa Vanderpump National Enquirer story

As Andy Cohen would say, “Oooooooo, I likes me some Vanderpoop!”

Collins sisters photos: