Kate Gosselin can’t hack Sarah Palin’s Alaska

I’m not a fan of Sarah Palin. At all. And it’s not necessarily her politics, it’s her troubling lack of knowledge and insight. But this is the one story of the millions of headlines I’ve read about Sarah where I’m totally and completely on her side. Team Palin all the way! (Never in a quadrillion years did I think I’d type that exclamation.)

On the next episode of Sarah’s TLC show she brings in a crossover guest from the network, Kate Gosselin, for a camping trip and Kate complains the whole time. She hates the food, the conditions, won’t speak to Sarah off camera, has a meltdown, and leaves. Apparently the on-camera chemistry is awkward and tense (a.k.a. reminiscent of Kate’s on-camera chemistry with Jon).

Here’s a message to Kate: It’s an effing camping trip, what did you expect? Sarah didn’t invite you to a weekend in Turks and Caicos to sunbathe and get massages all day  swapping complaints about tabloid nigtmares and sticking needles in voodoo dolls of Jon Gosselin and Levi Johnston while shirtless Adonises feed you (organic!) chocolates. She inviting you to a rugged camping trip in Alaska where she would have to protect you with her gun, and if you got lucky you’d get to eat raw bear meat that Sarah just shot.

According to US: “She said the food and accommodations were terrible, and it was the worst trip she’d ever been on.”

Apparently Kate’s misery worsened when she realized that her kids were actually having a good time during the July adventure. At one point she barked “Now you kids are Palins, not Gosselins!”

Here’s the promo clip:

I second Sarah’s “Com on! It wasn’t that bad!”

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