Are Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash broken up or still together? (UPDATE)

Did Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash break up?

The on-and-off year-long relationship between Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash played out almost in real time on vlogs but seemingly was over for good earlier this year when Trisha posted an emotional “expose” video about Jason and his vlog boss David Dobrik. The tearful video was triggered by a joke David and Jason continued to make about a potential threesome between 45-year-old Jason Nash, 30-year-old Trisha Paytas, and 20-year-old fellow YouTuber Tana Mongeau.

Trisha and Jason has just spent time together filming a music video for a Valentine’s Day love song “Crazy and Desperate” before she sabotaged the entire relationship just be turning on the camera. This has been a pattern for Trisha: in the past she has made expose videos about at least three other former boyfriends in an attempt to sever ties forever. With Jason, this pattern seemed to be broken a bit because she soon appeared on a long, confusing video on Jason’s channel. That video was soon deleted and the audience who had followed the saga of Jason and Trish for over a year was met with radio silence about the situation.

Even since Jason hasn’t uttered Trisha’s name, and Trisha stayed silent about the situation as well. She started going to therapy 5 five a week and worked on weight loss. Instead of her usual content on her main channel, Trisha started posted videos where she was playing a “character” instead of herself – dressing in full glam and speaking in affected voices while going to the dollar store or eating at McDonald’s.

In a few of her videos over the past few months there have been small, subtle clues that Trisha and Jason were possibly working things out behind the scenes. In a few videos Trisha wore the $7,000 diamond necklace Jason bought her for Christmas. In one of Jason’s vlogs Trisha’s distinctive laugh can be heard in the background. Although Trisha has continued to wear Jason’s merchandise in her videos and social media. At one point during this Jason took down a pinned tweet of his kids, and pinned a tweet featuring a bit Trisha was in for a David Dobrik vlog. As of this posting, the tweet is still pinned.

On April 1st, Trisha titled her video “Jason” and rambled on, seemingly talking about Jason, but then pulled out a cardboard cut-out of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers actor Jason Lee Scott. Jason also continued to clickbait the situation in his titles, including “Opening up about it,” “She wanted to get married here,” and “I have something to tell you.”

As of the end of April, it appears as if the pair are really done. Trisha’s described the last two weeks as “horrific,” and acted very strangely during a reaction video to Chris Klemons reacting to her Patreon. We he referenced Jason, Trisha froze, got incredibly awkward and said she needed to make some phone calls to make sure she could post her video now. This solidified suspicions that there is some sort of court order in place that prevents her from even mentioning Jason’s name publicly.

Still, Trisha has continued to film music videos based on songs she wrong after their break-up last year. On April 5, Trisha released the music video “Miss You in My Sheets” which co-starred Fabio. On an Instagram post about the music video, Trisha wrote about Jason, without mentioning his name. “To the man who inspired this song , I love you,” she wrote. “Always have. Always will. And I miss the watermelon stains and nut crumbs in my sheets (original title for the song) ?????”

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THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LOVE ON MY NEWEST MUSIC VIDEO “MISS YOU IN MY SHEETS” ON YOUTUBE NOW ?? so many thank yous for letting me live out my pop star fantasies ….where to begin ? first and foremost – YOU the viewers. If no one was watching me, I would never be in the position I am to make these passion projects so thank you ? we got Fabio for this one , who couldn’t have been funnier , he was such a blast to have on set. We wanted to play in to the cheesy romance videos of the 90s and he was so on board , made me so happy (and my mom even happier;)) ? my mama @mamagotback583 who of course created me but also makes sure my picky ass gets the food I need and kills bugs in our hotel room ? my best friend and hair and makeup @adamlesimmons who not only has the impossible task of making me look presentable but also puts up with my moody ass that switches every hour ?? @michaelphilpot for literally treating me like a queen and coming up with amazing beautiful custom designs for me to wear even last minute ⭐️ of course my one and only music video director @andyvallentine …proud to say we’ve worked on 30 projects together in the past 5 years ; without a doubt an irreplaceable talent ? the best DP in the game who literally never complains and always smiling (and who also was hanging out of a Jeep with no doors to get the shot) @nickramseydp ?? the whole @theaudiovisualcrew for producing ??‍? and EXTRA HUGE SHOUTOUT to the local production company @hanaproductions for literally being the coolest people I’ve ever worked with. They were out there balancing on cliffs , holding lights in waterfalls , helping me across rocks and holding me to not fall off ; they not only found our locations , they kept us safe and made me feel so special. HIGHLY RECOMMEND ? NEVER TO FORGET the music team behind making the track @jeremythurber (writer/vocal producer) @connormusarra (beat master) and @jaimepvelez (the Grammy award winning mixer who makes my vocals sound so lit) ? and to the man who inspired this song , I love you. Always have. Always will. And I miss the watermelon stains and nut crumbs in my sheets (original title for the song) ?????

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Last night Trisha recorded another song about her relationship with Jason called “Chicken Parmesan and Heartbreak. She wore a Jason Nash shirt throughout the entire shoot.

As of right now, it seems as if the volatile pair are no longer together, though neither have confirmed one way or another.

Update: Trisha has revealed that she and Jason Nash are, indeed, broken up. They briefly tried to work things out after her “expose” video but Jason called off the relationship the following week.

Trisha was supposed to go to a Jeffree Star party the night Jason broke up with her. She drank heavily and took a Percoset pain pill before her makeup artist arrived. While she was getting her makeup done she had a panic attack, which lead to hospitalization and a 5150 psychiatric hold because she told staff members she wanted to die. Both Jason Nash and David Dobrik were present at the hospital during this incident and Jason maintained a friendship with her until May 8, the night of her birthday.

Trisha is currently seeing a therapist and is also embroiled in a scandal with Nikocado Avocado over events that happened two years ago. Nikocado released an “expose” video about her ghosting him for a collaboration that she asked for and then painting him as a crazed fan online. She’s so far refused to respond to Nik’s video.

UPDATE: Trisha claimed on her Instastories that Jason cheated on her at least twice during their relationship.

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