Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Tia Becca offers new pregnancy details, teases Season 6 info

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It’s been almost six months since LHHATL’s Tia Becca announced her surprise pregnancy, and viewers are already wondering: Did Tia Becca lose her baby? Because the cast and crew are prepping for LHHATL Season 6, Tia recently sat down for a full-length interview, during which she shared some new pregnancy updates, including her due date, and what fans should (and shouldn’t) expect from the new season.

In fact, though the interview was far-reaching, it seems to be making waves among LHHATL fans for one topic it didn’t address: namely, Tia Becca’s apparent lack of a baby bump. Though most of the show’s pregnancy speculation has focused on Joseline Hernandez, whose small baby bump has become more prominent over the past few weeks, recent photos of Tia Becca–like the one at the top of this article, taken just a few days ago–appear to belie the summer announcement that her due date is in early January.

So, how is Tia Becca dealing with her most recent pregnancy? According to the woman herself, she’s been keeping busy doing what she’s best known for: defining her brand. “I’m adapting to marriage, my blended family, and, of course, being a mom. I’m building my brand, doing these things [on social media] called, #MILFMomDay, where [I’m] encouraging women to work out, to take care of their skin, to take care of their hair, and not forget about everything that’s under our weaves and makeup,” she told VH1.

In fact, a recent video of herself and LHHNY’s Yandy Smith-Harris twerking at the gym went viral, leading to speculation that Yandy might be involved with LHHATL Season 6. “I can’t tell,” Tia Becca said, coyly. She added, “I’ve always loved Yandy and her work ethic. I’ve always admired the sort of boss, wife, and mom she is.”

She added that she couldn’t talk about whether her rough first trimester had continued into the later stages of pregnancy. But, when asked for her thoughts on children and being a mother, Tia Becca was no less effusive: “I can say that I do love children and if I could I would have like 15 kids. As long as I could afford to take care of them, and as long as I look good and have a big booty and a small waist the entire time I would have them.”

As for things between herself, Karen King, and Tommie, Tia Becca wished the others the best, but didn’t hold back her opinions, either:

I still don’t have trust for KK. Even if me and KK sat down I can honestly tell you that our relationship is too tarnished to even try to build something healthy. I don’t feel comfortable around her and I don’t trust her….People that wish me harm and can just say lies about me without any remorse? [They cannot,] like, no, f–k them. KK can’t really say she loves [my son] King, but then try to hurt his mom, whether it’s hurt my reputation or hurt me physically, and my son won’t be a part of that. You can’t love your grandson but still want to see his mom in harm’s way. I mean to be honest, I don’t even think she cares, that’s just straight up because I’ve never met a grandmother as ruthless as her so, yeah, my son doesn’t need to be around all that….I wish KK and Tommie well but me and Tommie have no reason to have a relationship, like I moved on, I’m married, from what I hear, her and Scrapp ain’t messing around. It aint like she’s the stepmom [to my son] and she married into the family, or my son has to see her, so I have no reason to have a relationship with her, all I could do is wish her well.

We wish Tia Becca all the best as her January 12th due date approaches–and as the cameras continue to roll for what’s sure to be a drama-tastic Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6! The new series is expected to premiere in the spring of 2017.

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