Paris Hilton defends ex-BFF Kim Kardashian, but why were they ever feuding?

Ford Figo ad with Khloe Kourtney and Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton driving

For years, Paris Hilton has held a not-so-secret grudge against her former friend Kim Kardashian. Ford Motor Company even picked up on the animosity in a recently leaked ad that depicted Hilton kidnapping the three Kardashian sisters. So, when TMZ recorded Hilton talking about the unauthorized image last week, the biggest surprise wasn’t that she thinks the ad is “stupid,” but that she still considers the Kardashians to be friends!

Back in the day, Hilton was rarely pictured hitting up the clubs without Kardashian by her side. The former preschool classmates were seemingly inseparable, although it was clear that Hilton was the alpha dog. As Hollywood’s reigning celebutante in 2006, Hilton and her exploits were documented in nearly every tabloid. Meanwhile, the Kardashians were prepping themselves for fame.

Paris Hilton and Kardashian Sisters

To understand how the Kardashians became so commercially successful, it’s necessary to consider the Paris Hilton model of famous-for-being famous. Back in 2003, shortly before The Simple Life premiered, an unauthorized 2001 sex tape of Hilton was released. As they say, no publicity is bad publicity. Hilton’s show was an instant hit.

Fast-forward to February 2007: A 2003 sex tape of Kardashian was leaked. Eight months later, Keeping Up With the Kardashians premiered. That same year, Us Weekly proudly announced a “100% Paris Free” issue. Kardashian was officially the new celebutante on the block.

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian in 2006

Within a year of Keeping Up With the Kardashians debut, Hilton and Kardashian were exchanging public jabs. In April, Hilton told a Vegas radio host she would prefer Jessica Simpson’s bust over Kardashian’s bum: “I would not want [Kim’s butt] — it’s gross! It reminds me of cottage cheese inside a big trash bag.”

Hilton later offered a weak apology, which Kardashian publicly accepted. No one was convinced.

In 2010, Hilton and Kardashian were both at a Vegas event. According to E! News, Kardashian grabbed the mic after the DJ played Hilton’s flop single and said, “Now let’s hear some real music!”

After the public diss, an inside source told Us Weekly that the cat fight was all due to Hilton’s envy.

“Paris is upset at Kim — but it’s 100 percent jealousy,” the source said. “Kim is not only doing what Paris did, she’s doing it better, and everyone loves her.”

In the time since then, the feud has died down. Hilton even said she was “really happy” to hear Kardashian is expecting a baby with Kanye West… Then again, maybe it’s just because Hilton senses the chance at a personal resurgence!

Do you believe that Hilton and Kardashian have really buried the hatchet?

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33 thoughts on “Paris Hilton defends ex-BFF Kim Kardashian, but why were they ever feuding?

  1. Figures. Kim is extremely relevant and people are incredibly interested in her life. Whether you are annoyed by that fact or not, people love the Kardashians. They are what is popular right now. Personally, i could do with a lot less of them. Paris is just so 2007 and she failed to keep anyone remotely interested in her, even flashing her goods numerous times couldnt keep her in the news. Its not shocking to me she is trying to leech onto Kim in an attempt to have people talking about her again. Reading all the terrible things she has said about Kim, its obvious her intentions. If I was Kim I wouldnt even give her the satisfaction of a response, at least not publicly. I agree with Em, she will end up preg…after a failed quickie marriage.

      1. Well their shows keep getting watched… You’re here right now reading about them… Are you not?

        1. I don’t watch their shows and I wasn’t aware that reading about someone was a sign of love. Forgive me.

          1. It isn’t. It’s a sign of attention. Which you’re giving them… In turn making them rich and famous. I mean, you claim to not even watch their shows but you’ll take the time to read blogs about them online. Not just you, all the people who hang off their shit and then put them Down. No ones forcing you to look… So if you don’t like them, why are you?

            1. It’s a sign of it being a slow day and me reading articles on Starcasm, and I really do not see how my reading an article about them makes them rich and famous? Maybe you could enlighten me on that one because they are certainly not getting any money from my wallet. No one forced me to look but I have every right to. I must have missed the memo where only fans of the Kardashians are allowed to read articles related to them. Oops, my bad.

              1. I didnt read your response but You sure do like arguing with randoms on the Internet. Lol good luck with that hobby

                1. Which also means you have no intelligent response.

                  And yes, it was me that replied to myself right, starting this whole thing? Jayla, you are one stupid person.

                2. Jayla, please take your junior college associates degree and pipe down. I’m done with people stating that “No one is forcing you to look” or “Haters are just jealous” or the barrage of other teeny bopper logic. Everyone in this country is “being forced to look” at these celebrities

              2. The more clicks that articles about the Kardashians get, the more that websites will write about them in the future. The more that websites write about them, the more free publicity they get.

                The more publicity that they get, the more attention that their reality shows and other ventures get from the public.

                Clicking on articles about them and commenting on them (which is measured… sites know how long people spend on their sites; that’s one thing that determines their ad rates) is a small way to help the Kardashians’ careers, so they owe you their thanks.

      2. You certainly don’t make billions by being hated. Whether you love them and give them attention or hate them and give them attention, either way you are making them extremely popular and constantly relevant. If I don’t love something, it isn’t part of my life. With people who dislike celebrities it seems they follow their every move, it makes no sense to me. Regardless, someone must love them because everything they touch practically sells like wildfire. I don’t like or dislike them, I just see with my own eyes how smart and calculated everything they do is to make money and stay in the news. If people didn’t “love” it or “buy” into it…there would be no Kardashians…as much as it angers people to admit it.

        1. Are you kidding me? Being hated creates controversy which creates attention which creates money. Sure not everyone hates them, there has to be people out there to buy their products…but who actually LOVES the Kardashians? That was my main point.

          I shouldn’t even say that was my main point. That was my ONLY point.

          1. Youre missing my point…if you hate something..dont make it a part of your life. Then you dont support something you hate. You benefit and the person or thing you hate, does not benefit. You have to secretly love someone if you are giving them millions…its probably the most loving thing you could do for someone..people claim to hate them but give them millions and support them but call it hating them. I think it comes down to wording…you call it hating.. i call it secretly loving.

            1. I think I get what you are trying to say, but really I don’t see how they are a part of my life. I understand some people can obsess with their hatred for celebrities, but I see no hatred in my comment towards them and I don’t see how they are getting any of my money based on one comment.

              1. I wasnt referring to you personally…I have no idea if you do or dont, im referring to the majority of people who claim to hate them yet hang on everything they do. I guess alone cant do much but if you have a ton of haters reading articles…then that boosts their popularity…also boosting views on news stories. Obviously…news outlets write about what people read about most. Thus they are kept relevant and all of the above boosts people interest in what they are saying and doing, ending up supporting them with just being in the majority with no intentions at all.. All of that indirectly affects their bank account. Its a cycle that they themselves depend on.

                1. No guys, JustABella is right. The suburbs are teeming with middle class moronic youth who will one day run this country (HORRORS) who have nothing better to do than spend mommy and daddy’s money supporting these twats.

                2. you know know what you’re on about. bad publicity is better than no publicity. you CAN make money even if you’re one of the most hated people in the world. Why? because you are relevant. just look at justin bieber

  2. Paris will do anything to get the attention on her, even if it means defending someone she’s mad at for getting ahold of the limelight so quickly and who still has it. The bottom line is, all of them are disgusting, and it’ll be a damned shame if Kendall and Kylie adopt the same lifestyle.

  3. I prefer Paris over Kim, probably because I was about 19 (2003) when I first watched the Simple Life, and at that age that show was really fun. By the time Kim’s show came on air (2007) I was over reality shows at that age. I think younger people prefer Kim and the slightly older prefer Paris- just due to the things we were interested in at certain ages and what was on TV at certain times in our lives.

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