VIDEO Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer-Calvert opens up about divorce

'Teen Mom 2' cast photo with Jenelle Evans, Chelsea Houska, Leah Messer, and Kail Lowry

Leah Messer-Calvert is currently married and expecting a child with Jeremy Cavert but on the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 which was shot over a year ago, she’s just getting divorced and trying to move forward with life without the father of her children, Corey Simms. In a recent interview, Leah reveals what fans can expect from her in the upcoming third season and the other girls give us an update on their lives.

“You’ll see me and Corey really confused about whether we want to make our family work,” Leah told Us Weekly on November 9th of her ex-husband, Corey Simms. “It’s a lot of mixed feelings.” The last time fans saw them, Leah had just admitted to sleeping with her ex-boyfriend just days before tying the knot with Corey and as a result of the fallout, she had filed for divorce.


“I’m already with Jeremy starting our life together,” she explains, “and Corey’s so undecided about what he wants.” Leah began dating her now-husband less than two months after her divorce from Corey was finalized and while Corey was certainly distraught to find out that Leah had cheated, he doesn’t seem to me ready to say goodbye.

Now, things between them have gotten much better. Corey is living with his girlfriend Miranda and Leah and the girls reside with her husband Jeremy in their new home.

“We get along for the sake of the girls,” Leah says. “Normally when kids go through a split home, they feel like they’re in the middle of the two parents, and it’s kind of like tug-of-war. We don’t want them to feel like that. Anytime they want Daddy, they can have Daddy; anytime they want Mommy, they have Mommy. They have us both there, all the time.”

Teen Mom 2 cast photo with Jenelle Evans, Kail Lowry, Chelsea Houska, and Leah Messer

As for Kail, she and her baby daddy Jo Rivera are also in a better place after a couple of rough seasons. “Jo and I are doing pretty well right now. We don’t really see much of each other, but we’re at a point where we can be cordial for Isaac’s sake,” she explains, adding that Isaac is now “talking in full sentences [and] speaking Spanish.”

Jenelle’s son is also talking — a lot. “He talks and talks and talks,” she tells Us. “It’s all about, ‘Why this?’ ‘Why that?’ ‘Why is the sky blue?’ He’s at that cute stage.”

Fans have watched Chelsea Houska’s on-again, off-again relationship with Adam Lind for years and while they seem to be together on the upcoming season, they aren’t any longer, and Chelsea has no plans of rekindling their romance, or getting romantic with anyone. “After what I went through with [my ex-boyfriend] Adam, I’m really picky now,” she reveals. “I do not see any dating in the near future at all.”

For more of Leah Messer-Calvert and the girls of Teen Mom 2, tune in to the season 3 premiere on Monday at 10/9c.