Anna Duggar caught rebelling in jeans as husband Josh serves prison sentence

Fans hoping Anna Duggar will “break free” of deviant husband Josh and his controversial family may have gotten a glimmer of hope. The 19 Kids and Counting Star is finally doing things her own way.

At the Duggar Family Fall Festival 2022, the mom of 7 was seen wearing jeans.

Latest Rebel Duggar

While the act is becoming more common amongst the younger Duggars, this is one of the first times Anna has been seen wearing pants.

In this YouTube video posted by new parents Jed and Katey Duggar, you can see the bold choice made by Anna Duggar.

In this screenshot you see Josh’s wife wearing a gray top, brown jacket, and jeans. She appears to be holding baby Madyson.

Duggar Family Supports Anna

It’s not surprising that Anna popped up in a recent video of Jed’s. The Duggar boy addressed their relationship in another recent YouTube video.

“It has saddened us — my oldest brother, his decisions, things that he’s done. It’s a very sensitive spot in our family. Especially with Anna, you know, their kiddos, and [we] just try to be there for them as much as we can.”

Disgraced Husband Josh Duggar

Josh is currently behind bars and serving his nearly 10-year prison sentence after being found guilty of receiving child pornography at his Arkansas car dealership.

While Anna experiments with her look, her husband is trying out his own changes: recently seen with a beard, the 19 Kids and Counting star was seen looking disheveled in recent photos from prison.

Not all the Duggar siblings are disgraced like Josh. Joy-Anna is celebrating her third pregnancy while sister Jinger is living the life in Los Angeles, recently buying an $830,000 house and drinking alcohol on a recent date night,

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