Jinger Vuolo admits attraction to guys besides Jeremy, lied to Duggar sisters – it was “almost sinful!”

In a bombshell new interview with The Blaze, Jinger Vuolo admits to finding other guys attractive while growing up… and she says it right in front of her husband Jeremey!

Not only that, but it looks like the Duggar sisters never knew because Jinger was too full of “guilt” to tell them!

Jinger and Jeremy

When Jinger Duggar met Jeremy Vuolo in 2015, she knew she liked him right away. Set up by her sister Jessa and husband Ben Seewald, the two started courting almost immediately.

Information has now come out that Jim-Bob Duggar denied 26 other suitors for Jinger before finally allowing her to pursue ex-soccer star Vuolo.

When the two got married after only five months, it seemed like that was all there was to the story. Now we are learning that Jinger was actually attracted to other guys and kept it from her conservative Christian family.

Vuolo interview with The Blaze

In a new interview on Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey from The Blaze, the Vuolo’s make many critiques of Bill Gothard’s teachings, including the aspect of “purity culture.”

While sitting next to her husband Jeremy, Jinger admits to having been attracted to other guys – a piece of information even her sisters NEVER knew about.

At around min 5:00 of the above video, Jinger spills the tea:

I would feel guilty if I was attracted to a young man, who was Godly, who had good character, I would feel so guilty. And I would never talk to my sisters about it because I was like, “that’s almost sinful.”

Jinger’s next move

Jinger Vuolo is definitely living her best life, and her media tour for her memoir Becoming Free Indeed is just the beginning!

The Vuolo’s have recently planted their roots in the liberal city of Los Angeles, purchasing an $830,000 house to live in with their two daughters.

As the Counting On star makes her rounds on different news outlets, even more juicy information is coming out – like her stance on drinking alcohol, and what she REALLY thinks of her brother Josh.

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