Bearded Josh Duggar prison photo surfaces, plus details on his appeal

Josh Duggar, 34, is looking scruffy these days. Serving a 151 month prison sentence for possession of child pornography, not much has been seen from the disgraced reality star until now.

Josh Duggar Photo

In a photo released to The Daily Mail (link below), Duggar is seen in prison sipping from a coffee cup. The convicted felon has grown his hair out and has adopted a full beard as well.

Josh Duggar Files Appeal

The Duggar family has been accused of not expressing remorse during the entire process of Josh’s trial. Justin and Josh were both critiqued heavily for their grins and thumbs up outside the courthouse.

Another sign of lack of accountability comes with the news that Josh Duggar, aka inmate number 42501-509, has officially filed an appeal hoping to overturn his conviction.

Claiming that he is not guilty of possession and receipt of child porn at his used car lot, the Duggar is now shifting blame on to a former employee and associate, Caleb Williams.

Who Is Caleb Williams?

Followers of Counting On may remember that Williams was linked to Jana in 2017 after he was pictured several times with the family. Around that time, many articles were posted about their potential courtship.

While Jana never spoke about it either way, Caleb did take to Facebook to clear things up.

In a now deleted social media post, Williams announced:

Now to clear the fog and avoid any confusion: Read my lips … I am not dating Jana Duggar. Over the past several months since an extremely unflattering image was posted by my friends and spread across the world faster than a viral cat video, there has been speculation regarding a relationship between myself and Jana … The extent of our relationship is purely friends and nothing more.

Josh Duggar Passes the Buck

According to Josh, Williams is a “convicted sex offender” who “regularly used his computer” and “was extremely tech savvy.” Caleb is currently listed on the National Sex Offender and Illinois Sex Offender registries as part of his sentencing.

Looks as if Josh is ready to go all in on this defense… lawyers are claiming they weren’t allowed to call Caleb to the stand to question him about alleged texts that they claim point to his guilt. Josh says his rights were violated and wants the entire thing thrown out.

Unless the appeal is successful, Duggar will spend at least a decade more behind bars. The prison where he is serving houses around 1,800 inmates, 40% of which are sexual offenders.

The news of Josh’s appeal and new photo comes right after sister Joy-Anna announced she is pregnant with baby number 3.

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