Andrew Lewis begs Jenelle Eason to let him see his son Jace

Andrew Lewis begs Jenelle Evans to see his son Jace

Just weeks after it was revealed that former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason had regained custody of her son Jace, his dad, Andrew Lewis, has surfaced online begging for a chance to see his son.

“Please, let me see Jace,” Andrew pleaded in an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun. “That’s all I ever wanted.” He adds that he wants Jace to be able to meet his dad’s side of the family, including his aunts, grandmother and cousins.

The Sun U.S.’s two-minute video interview with Andrew includes audio of a phone call with his mother, Diana Lewis. During the call, Andrew breaks down in tears. “When Andrew called Jenelle and told her that his daddy had passed away, she got very — I don’t even know what the word would be,” Diana said. “He would have to tell you. And it hurt, you know?”

Andrew interrupts: “It still hurts!”

Diana reveals that she has made numerous attempts to meet with Jace, but it never happened. She adds that she’s never even heard Jace’s voice. (It’s unclear if that means she hasn’t seen Teen Mom 2.)

The Sun U.S. shared more of what Andrew had to say that wasn’t included in the video:

“I’m here to clear my name because there’s a lot of s*** that people are judging me, like I’m this crackhead and this piece of s*** guy. No, I’m not.

“It really does bother me. And it’s been bothering me for years upon years.”

Andrew also slammed MTV and Barbara for her on-camera claims he never showed up to their meeting in NYC to discuss seeing Jace in 2019.

“I went to Florida because my dad had passed away,” he claimed, insisting he told MTV producers ahead of time that he would be unable to meet up with Barbara.

Jenelle and David Eason are pro-fathers’ rights

The difficulty Andrew has had in trying to see his son is a bit surprising given how often Jenelle and her husband, David Eason, preach online about fathers’ rights. David consistently posts about how unfair it is that he is unable to see his son, Kaden, from his previous relationship with Olivia Leedham.

David and Jenelle even launched a GoFundMe in August of 2019 in hopes of raising money to help David pay for court costs to regain custody of Kaden. (This was immediately after Olivia launched a similar GoFundMe that almost instantly surpassed her $5,000 goal.)

“My son Kaden has been in/out of my life since the day he was born, never my fault,” David wrote in the campaign’s description. “My ex is holding me back from seeing my son under every and any circumstance for no legit reason.” David even claimed that Olivia was unfit due to her use of alcohol and Adderall:

His mother is an excessive alcohol drinker and abuses adderall frequently. She’s been to AA before to get the help she needed but then stopped going. She has not attended an AA class for years and still posts on social media of excessive drinking. Nothing has been brought up to the judge because of my financial situation and needing to file to get back in court.

Jenelle also trashed Olivia in a lengthy Facebook post (included in it’s entirety in the article linked above). David and Jenelle’s GoFundMe failed spectacularly.

Andrew Lewis has popped up before

Andrew’s interview with The Sun U.S. is similar to the time he seemingly popped up out of nowhere in 2013 and spoke with Radar Online. Below is an excerpt from our article about what Andrew had to say (and Jenelle’s response):

“She doesn’t want Jace to know that I’m his father,” Andrew told Radar Online in a June 3 interview. “I tried to come see Jace, but they won’t [let me] come see him. I texted Barbara [Jenelle’s mother who is also Jace’s guardian] and asked her if I could see Jace. Straight up, she said, ‘No!’”

“Me and my mom went up there [to North Carolina] and talked to Jenelle and Barbara in person probably like three years ago. They were like, ‘We’ll take pictures and videos. We know you guys live a long ways. We’ll keep in touch.’ Bullsh*t. They never did anything,” he explains.

In addition to his beef about not getting updates on his son, Andrew isn’t thrilled with the recent revelations about Jenelle’s heroin use. During Teen Mom 2 season 4, Jenelle and her ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp were seen in the midst of their addiction and while Jenelle claims to have gotten sober since then, Andrew still has his doubts.

“I wish I could [find] a better mother for Jace,” he said. “From a father’s point of view, hell yeah it bothers me. She’s about dumber than a f**king brick. It’s common sense: Heroin, It’s stupid.” However, Andrew admits that he has also tried the drug.

“I’ve done heroin,” he admits to Radar. “I’ve done parties; I’ve done this, done that, but I’ve always stepped up to my problem.” Andrew also admitted to Dr. Drew during the season 3 reunion show that he struggles with alcoholism and recently, Jenelle tweeted to fans that he was still an alcoholic.

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