Jace’s dad Andrew Lewis says Jenelle Evans dumb as a brick, Jenelle responds

Jenelle Evans ex and Jace's father Andrew Lewis from Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Reunion Special with Dr. Drew

Jenelle Evans and her baby daddy Andrew Lewis split just after their son Jace was born in August of 2009. Since then, she’s been starring on Teen Mom 2 and he’s been out of the picture — except for that random season 3 Skype session in which he questioned Jace’s paternity. Now that his son is nearly 4-years-old, Andrew has surfaced and he’s not happy with Jenelle’s parenting.

“She doesn’t want Jace to know that I’m his father,” Andrew told Radar Online in a June 3 interview. “I tried to come see Jace, but they won’t [let me] come see him. I texted Barbara [Jenelle’s mother who is also Jace’s guardian] and asked her if I could see Jace. Straight up, she said, ‘No!'”

“Me and my mom went up there [to North Carolina] and talked to Jenelle and Barbara in person probably like three years ago. They were like, ‘We’ll take pictures and videos. We know you guys live a long ways. We’ll keep in touch.’ B*llshit. They never did anything,” he explains.

In addition to his beef about not getting updates on his son, Andrew isn’t thrilled with the recent revelations about Jenelle’s heroin use. During Teen Mom 2 season 4, Jenelle and her ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp were seen in the midst of their addiction and while Jenelle claims to have gotten sober since then, Andrew still has his doubts.

“I wish I could [find] a better mother for Jace,” he said. “From a father’s point of view, hell yeah it bothers me. She’s about dumber than a f**king brick. It’s common sense: Heroin, It’s stupid.” However, Andrew admits that he has also tried the drug.

“I’ve done heroin,” he admits to Radar. “I’ve done parties; I’ve done this, done that, but I’ve always stepped up to my problem.” Andrew also admitted to Dr. Drew during the season 3 reunion show that he struggles with alcoholism and recently, Jenelle tweeted to fans that he was still an alcoholic.

Despite Andrew’s accusations, a source close to Jenelle claims that Andrew is all talk and isn’t really actively pursuing a relationship with his son. “Jenelle tries talking to him online and on Facebook and he just cusses her out and won’t even add her on Facebook,” the insider said. “He is the one pushing Jenelle and Jace away.”

In response, Andrew said, “She always has an excuse. She needs to stop making up freaking excuses and step up to [her] own faults. As soon as she gets blamed, she goes right back out and does it again. Yet, she knows the consequences because she’s already gotten caught. Yet at the same time, she blames it on somebody else.”

Andrew is currently going to college in Florida and hopes to become a director or producer. “I’m sitting in school busting my a*s; I will have a career. I can support my son, while you go out and spend money from MTV and money from other people and steal and fight and get sent to jail and do drugs. How is that better than mine? At least I’m doing something productive with my life.”

“I would love to see him every single day,” he said. “I would love to see what type of life I have, what type of father I am. I’m only in it for Jace. It’s that simple.”

After reading Radar’s article, Jenelle had the following statement via Twitter:

“HAHAHAH and he owes only $12,000+ in child support and hasn’t seen him since he’s been born… Rigggght. He makes no sense… He knows what I do on a daily basis but hasn’t seen my family in how long?! Lmfao.”

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