Jenelle starts GoFundMe for David Eason’s custody battle for son Kaden

David Eason's ex Olivia Leedham and their son Kaden GoFundMe campaign

One day after former Teen Mom 2 star David Eason’s ex Olivia Leedham started a GoFundMe campaign to help finance her ongoing custody battle for their five-year-old son Kaden, Jenelle and David launch their own GoFundMe campaign to pay for his legal fees. In addition to launching the crowd-sourced fundraiser, Jenelle also shared a lengthy post detailing David and Olivia’s relationship over the years. Plus, David leaves a scathing fake online review for the salon where Olivia works.

As we previously reported, Olivia launched her GoFundMe campaign on Wednesday with a goal of $5,000. “I am completely concerned for my son’s safety, physically and mentally,” she explained in the description. “He is persistent on not going to his Dad’s and doesn’t even want to speak to him. I am beyond worried.”

The campaign has been HUGELY successful and has already met the $5,000 goal after a little more than 24 hours. More than 400 people have donated, most all of them taking the opportunity to create fake names poking fun at Jenelle and David.

Of course, Jenelle and David could not resist responding to Olivia’s efforts and claims. “Hello everyone!” Jenelle wrote in a Facebook post sharing a link to the new GoFundMe campaign, which has a goal of $3,500. “We need help and YOUR support for David. ???‍? Let’s get Kaden #reunited with his father! #FatherAndSon”

Here is David’s description from the campaign itself:

My son Kaden has been in/out of my life since the day he was born, never my fault. My ex is holding me back from seeing my son under every and any circumstance for no legit reason. I pay my child support which is an insane amount and very unfair. I recently started my local business and my ex has made up so many rumors that now it’s hard for myself to make any money or even have a job. I paid so much in attorney fees already for everything my ex has put me through. She’s falsely charged me and everything has been dropped. She filed a no contact order just to keep me from seeing my son by law. Even though there is a current order in place she still refuses my phone calls and texts for me to be able to speak to my son, Kaden. She refuses all visitation.

I have not done anything wrong to deserve this towards my son. I do not abuse children as she claims. I need this opportunity and help to go back to pay my lawyer for all the wrong-doings and share to the judge the truly horrible situation my son is in. My son has constantly changed addresses since he’s been born every couple of months. I’m never “allowed” to know the address. His mother is in a new relationship every couple of months as well and has Kaden call every man “daddy”. My son is very confused and doesn’t know who his daddy is.

His mother is an excessive alcohol drinker and abuses adderall frequently. She’s been to AA before to get the help she needed but then stopped going. She has not attended an AA class for years and still posts on social media of excessive drinking. Nothing has been brought up to the judge because of my financial situation and needing to file to get back in court.

I’m a father of 3 already and have custody of my two daughters that live with me full time. My step-son also lives with me full time along side with my wife. We’ve been together since 2015 and married since 2017. It’s very hard to maintain the life we live with all the false information being spread around about myself and being a well-known public figure. I would appreciate all the help and support I can get just to obtain full custody or visitation rights. I’m also looking into a lawsuit to file. Thanks! #JusticeForKaden #FamilyFirst #FatherAndSon #Reunite ‍

The campaign was started three hours prior to this post, and despite Jenelle promoting it to her millions of followers on social media, it has only raised $55 from two donations so far.

In addition to starting the GoFundMe, David also posted a negative review on the barber shop/salon where Olivia works:

David Eason leaves a negative review for his ex Olivia Leedham on the Facebook page for the barber shop and salon where she works

I should point out that Olivia does have a cosmetology license, and the shop does have a licensed barber. As to whether or not Olivia actually stabbed David in the head, or cut his ear, I’m guessing that will be up to a judge or jury to decide if Olivia opts to sue him.

UPDATE – Apparently Jenelle also left a negative review, although she claims it was for someone else:

Jenelle Eason Olivia Leedham bad review

Meanwhile, Jenelle penned an incredibly long post detailing David’s side of the custody battle with Olivia. The since-deleted post was accompanied by numerous photos, including a collage of Olivia photos in which the word “drunk” was added repeatedly. That collage was also accompanied by a screen grab of Alcoholics Anonymous info and a photo of Olivia described as “‘Sympathy’ face.”

I will conclude this article with Jenelle’s Facebook post in its entirety:

Jenelle and David Eason Olivia Leedham Facebook post

⚠️ Going to share David’s story publicly. WARNING: LONG POST!!!! ⚠️

Since 2015 David has always been a loving father. We’ve had arguments at times that went public and dealt with family issues BUT through all of this he has ALWAYS been a great and stable father. When I met David I couldn’t believe how hard of a worker he truly was and be able to be the first guy I witnessed to take care of his daughter on his own. She showed so much love towards her father and was by his side ever since.

When it comes to Maryssa and her mother, their relationship wasn’t ever that strong. Her mother was always in/out of her life and still is to this day. Maryssa has been through a lot in that situation and ended up in our sole custody in 2017 after our daughter, Ensley, was born. This was due to drugs on her mother’s behalf.

When I first asked about David’s his son, Kaden, he was very emotional. He explained to me that David and Olivia Leedham brokeup due to her being unfaithful and abusive towards David. Olivia left marks on David’s skin and would “hangout” with other men in their driveway while smoking marijuana in the car and David was sleeping inside. Olivia thought it was also very funny to kick men’s private areas and did this frequently to David and his friends. David also explained Olivia had an excessive alcohol problem. Her problem was so severe she ended up in Alcohol Anonymous and has not been back to a class for years. Olivia would beg David to go with her to AA so she wouldn’t be alone. David would refuse and Olivia broke up with him. They then got back together. When Olivia got pregnant she kept the abusive behavior going. One day David was home sitting in the recliner and Olivia got in David’s face to yell, flipped his recliner backwards, then started punching David. Olivia did this all while 6 months pregnant. She hurt her stomach and had to go to the hospital. Olivia told the doctor that she “fell up the stairs”. David was concerned about her story because he knew she was lying about the true story hitting David to cover herself. A couple of days later David found out that Olivia had told her mother that he pushed her down when they were standing face to face in the kitchen and that she “fell backwards on her stomach.” I do not think that’s possible unless you’re a ballerina. Somehow all of her lies got twisted into “David pushed her up the stairs”.

David was there for his son’s birth in November of 2013 and they lived together with Kaden until he was 8 months old. At that point they broke up due to Olivia’s alcohol abuse and violent behavior towards David. She was staying up all hours of the night drinking liquor with her friends. They would be very loud and partying in the house while David would be sleeping with Maryssa and Kaden. David had to get up for work the next day. When David and Olivia broke up she decided to go to the magistrate a week later and charge him with domestic violence claiming he choked her, hit her with a phone and said he would kill her. Of course when they went to court Olivia was caught in several lies during the trial including an admission that she lied in her original statement to the magistrate after being asked in several different ways. Her statement on stand during testimony was “Well he didn’t actually choke me.” “He didn’t leave any marks he just put his hand on my chest” “he didn’t actually throw the phone at me. He threw it at the pillow on the bed.” David was found “Not Guilty” of all charges. Olivia and David took a 6 month break from their relationship. At this point David went to jail for charges he had years before any of this and decided he rather do his sentence than remain on probation. After Kaden turned one years old they decided to give the relationship another try.

Olivia and David were together this time for 4 months when he learned that Olivia had several boyfriends within that 6 month break up and was engaged to a guy named Mike. She had dated another guy named Tommy and had Kaden calling him “daddy”. Those two men were after she broke up with a guy named Dustin. All of these guys she was with was in a 6 month period. David tried to see his son after the breakup but she kept Kaden from David. David called her phone, no answer. He tried driving to her house at that time, no answer. He tried calling her family, no answer. Then a few weeks later David saw Olivia driving in traffic. He pulled up to her and asked her to pull over. They both pulled into a parking lot and got out of their cars. David immediately began to question her and asked why he couldn’t see his son. She told him “Don’t do this. Let’s not do this now.” They both cussed at each other. David got his son out of Olivia’s car, hugged him, then put Kaden back in his carseat. Shortly after the argument they both ended up leaving the area and went their separate ways. A few days later, David gets served with a “no contact order” placed by Olivia and also included his son. When they went to court David was very naive thinking he didn’t need an attorney because nothing happened because it was just an argument. Turns out if you ever go to court with no representation and do not speak up for yourself and testify, you will automatically be found guilty. Does not seem fair but that’s what happened to David. Then after the order was placed David saw his son at the grocery store with his maternal grandmother. David couldn’t resist and bent down and gave Kaden a hug. When Olivia found out about the hugging situation she filed “no contact order violation” against David. A few weeks later David then filed a petition to remove his son off the no contact order and it was granted. Olivia still wouldn’t allow David to see Kaden even though they had a custody order in place and he was legally allowed to have visitation.

This was David’s FIRST BORN SON and she had no reason to keep him!!!

David filed to go to mediation during the No Contact Order situation and they both settled outside of court. Olivia claimed she “didn’t want Kaden” at our home from the beginning of the session and also claimed the “TV show was all the evidence she needed”. The court explained to her that you cannot keep a child from his father no matter what you do. Since then Olivia has tried to build up a case against my husband off of hearsay for custody since I’ve met him. He’s been falsely accused by Olivia more than once and David has been found not guilty or Olivia was in the wrong. Olivia had proven she was back to her old shenanigans dating and living with a guy named Sam and had Kaden calling him “daddy” also. She brought this guy to court, stayed at the gym with him everyday but when she got pregnant by him she decided she was done with this guy and had an abortion. Then she immediately went back to her old boyfriend Tommy and once again she ended up pregnant but with Tommy’s his child. Soon after Tommy finds out she is cheating on him with Sam from the gym while she was pregnant and had to get a DNA test after her daughter was born. She had her new baby girl but that wasn’t enough for her to stay with Tommy “daddy”. Olivia moved on from her new baby daddy pretty quick even though Kaden still insists that Tommy is his “daddy”. Couple months after that Olivia met another guy named Jason who she lived with in Jacksonville. They were engaged and he told us they had big plans together. She then again cheated on Jason and ended up being an excessive alcoholic and on adderall. She has had men in/out of Kaden’s life every other month for years and gets “engaged” to every single one. She’s cheated on her men every time then get abortions as birth control. They jump around from house to house renting different places always getting kicked out and she has to move back in with her moms ex husband. Not to mention coming after David for child support and lying to the courts saying she doesn’t make any money, yet all her transactions are on Venmo for hair grooming. His payment is mind blowing and insanely unfair. Olivia is now illegally asking for donations “privately” on her page for “legal fees” even though she has a job and makes money 24/7. She acts like she is a single mom with no money but collects huge child support checks from two different men and hides her income on Venmo. This woman is NOT one to be trusted by anyone.

David has never in his life hit another female, choke another person, or abuse any of his children. He has been falsely accused of inaccurate behaviors and actions based off social media, tabloids, and rumors being spread through people like Olivia.

I am not writing this today to start drama. I am writing this today to spread awareness to David’s situation since there are so many questions about his son. I also want to spread awareness about SPOUSE ABUSE from FEMALES father than males. I also want to spread awareness on MOTHERS PURPOSELY NEGLECTING THE CHILD FROM THE FATHER. It’s a very touchy subject and David doesn’t like to discuss it but had the courage today to speak out. Before anyone says anything about my home or situation, we have invited Olivia to our house to check it out and she refuses. David has tried keeping in touch with his son for months and Olivia refuses to even answer the phone or text messages. He’s ordered scheduled Skype sessions and she claims “Kaden doesn’t want to talk to you”. We have been investigated HEAVILY by CPS and it was dismissed for plenty reasons. Olivia knows this but still tries to keep up the drama. She might have had her day in court against my husband, but there comes a time to tell both sides of the story. We know things have happened in the past to our family and those were private issues that were never to be made public. David and I aren’t perfect 24/7 but we will try are DAMNEST to be the BEST PARENTS we can ever be. Since having our issues we have done co-parenting classes, domestic violence courses, anger management, and hair follicle drug tested. We did this voluntarily on our own Will to be better people and move on from our past. Co-Parenting is about working WITH each other, not AGAINST each other.

I will not put Olivia down as a mother, but I will say she is not a horrible friend, girlfriend, employee, or wife. Olivia Leedham is an alcoholic, cheater, drug addict, scam artist, and spouse abuser. David and I are very concerned with Kaden’s situation being in/out of a different home every 2 months, different men he doesn’t know and having to call them “Daddy”, being abusive towards men she dates, and her drug addictions to adderall/alcohol.

#PleasePrayForKaden #JusticeForKaden #TeamEason #FamilyFirst ??‍??? #SpouseAbuse #AA #AddictionSucks #SayNo ??‍♀️☹️

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