Amber Rose and Piers Morgan battle over bottomless photo


Amber Rose and Piers Morgan got into a heated Twitter argument over a photo that the former shared of herself nude from the waist down.

Rose posted the pic to Twitter to promote her annual Slutwalk, an event that hopes to bring an end to rape culture, victim blaming, and slut shaming of sexual assault victims.

The image, which depicts a lounging Rose sans bottoms in shades on a flight of stairs, got taken down by Twitter and Instagram–but not before it got circulated like crazy on social media. Rose wasn’t fazed, as she followed up on IG writing, “When IG deletes ur fire a** feminist post but you really don’t give a f**k because everyone picked it up already.”

News provocateur Piers Morgan did what he does and lashed out at Rose. Amber gladly took the bait, called Piers misogynistic, and the rest is Twitter history:


At this point Amber did her best at calling a truce while indicating that it’d be pretty easy for her to seduce Piers if given the opportunity:

Do you think Piers has a valid point, or are you riding with Rose?