Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley’s bond is unbreakable

Teen Mom Amber Portwood with baby daddy Gary Shirley and daughter Leah

I am starting to come to the conclusion that whenever all the dust settles in the Teen Mom universe that lovers Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley will be holding hands at some pool hall in Anderson, Indiana smiling at the world.

The two have been through a buffet of troubles since their 16 & Pregnant episode aired and they’ve been on and off again more than that check engine light in my old camaro.  The reality couple’s infamous on air fight culminating with Amber giving Gary a beat down in front of their daughter Leah is still in the courts and is scheduled for trial in November.

As Teen Mom fans we’ve been spoon fed relationships like Leah Messer and Corey Simms which is currently in serious turmoil and have followed Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra as they struggled through the difficult decision of adoption to come out on the other side in love and going strong.  Somehow though If I were a betting man I would put my money on Amber and Gary being the two that were together at say a 30th Anniversary Special starring an aged Dr. Drew.

Gary has been bombarding Amber with sweet tweets, oh by the way Amber is on Twitter and you can follow her here.  Here are a hand full of the lovey-dovey tweetheart thoughts from Gary to his good gal:

And last but not least is the poster child for sharing too much via social media:

Please say that the shirt Gary is referring to is the Belden Lineman shirt; for as long as Gary and Amber’s embers burn so will my love for that glorious piece of reality wardrobe. Ambs has retweeted a couple of Gary’s lovelines which would confirm that the two are once again an item.

In the end I’m like the rest of you and want what is best for their daughter Leah. What I’m starting to believe is that it could very well be a matured Gary and Amber raising her together.  Call me crazy but I do believe these two are in love, if they can just get all the rest of it straight maybe, just maybe, we’ll get a happy Ambary ending after all.

Photos: Jackson Lee / Brian Prahl / Splash News