Kyle King is Maci Bookout’s perfect lover

Teen Mom Maci Bookout and her perfect lover Kyle King

While things didn’t work out too well with Maci Bookout’s baby-daddy Ryan Edwards, it sounds like the Teen Mom is getting purtly serious with her boyfriend Kyle King.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly Maci was practically glowing as she talked about all the positive attributes of the young man she moved to the Nashville area to be closer to. Kyle had no hesitation when it came to dating a single mom and Maci said of King that:

“He’s responsible, fun, and incredibly caring, and he’s just a lot more mature than most guys.”

Back in July when we profiled Kyle, Maci pretty much had the same kind things to say. Even at the time King was helping out with her son Bentley all the while being supportive of Maci. Back then Kyle seemed like a keeper and nothing from what Maci has said since would make me believe any different. In a recent tweet that might have been a little too much sharing Maci let the world know the following:

Ewwwwwww. I mean good for Maci! We all could stand to love our perrrrrfeeeect lovers more in this mean ol’ world. In addition to all this lurve, Maci revealed to Us Weekly that she hopes she’ll be asked to compete on Dancing With the Stars. Bookout befriended another famous young mother who previously competed on the show, Bristol Palin.

A little later she followed up the above tweet with the simplest but perhaps most important tweet of all:

Interestingly enough, Maci has also been calling herself a “wifey” on her Twitter description. Maybe they are really engaged, or possibly even married already? (If they did happen to get married, they’d probably have to keep it under wraps because of MTV contracts.) Whether they’re married, or not, or never get married, it’s so great to hear they’re so happy.

If you missed out on our Teen Dad update, Ryan Edwards will be part of that special hosted by Dr. Drew which will be filmed on May 29. Here’s hoping for continued happiness between Maci and Kyle because the Teen Mom universe needs all it can get.

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