All four Entertainment Weekly “Reunions Issue” covers

EW Reunions Issue 3 2013 all 4 covers

Entertainment Weekly‘s third annual “Reunions Issue” is here! This year’s issue features ten television show and movie casts and comes with four different collectable covers. Of course, most all of that is moot because one of the casts featured, as well as one of the collectable covers, is from the greatest guilty pleasure of the last 50 years… That’s right, it’s Melrose Place y’all!

Entertainment Weekly Reunions Issue cover with Melrose Place cast

EW was able to gather together nine of the most talented shark jumpers the small screen has ever seen, including Pretty Little Liars‘ Laura Leighton (who played Sydney Andrews, the sexiest crackpot of all time!), Two-and-a-Half Men‘s Courtney Thorne-Smith (who’s pity-inducing perma-whispering Midwest-girl-moves-to-Cali character Alison Parker would have to be considered the show’s main character), and Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross (the quintessential terminally ill split personalitied comatose bomb detonating murderess.)

Here’s a Melrose Place cast photo from back in the day for comparison:

Melrose Place

Also in the “Reunions Issue” cover photo (or else there wouldn’t have been a photo at all) is Heather Locklear, whose badass bitchy boss babe character Amanda Woodward inspired me to get in at least three horrible relationships. Sadly, Amanda’s (and Heather’s) significant other Dr. Peter Burns (Jack Wagner) isn’t included. Other glaring omissions include Peter Burns’ professional (and basically every female character’s personal) partner, Dr. Michael Mancini (Thomas Calabro), conniving Billy bud Brooke Armstrong (played by Sex and the City‘s Kristen Davis), and of course there was the lush-lipped latecomer lush Taylor McBride (played by Lisa Rinna).

Otherwise, EW did a fantastic job by gathering Sydney, Alison, Amanda, Kimberly, Billy Campbell (Andrew Shue), Jake Hanson (Grant Show), Jo Reynolds (Daphne Zuniga), Matt Fielding (Doug Savant), and Jane Mancini (Josie Bissett) together!

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In addition to the great group shots, the issue includes numerous features and information about the shows, including an extensive Melrose Place oral history tracing “the nighttime soap from casting to full phenom explosion.” Courtney Thorne-Smith talks about the impact Heather Locklear had on the show: “We did great at first, and then not so great, and it didn’t get great again until Heather came on. That’s when the show really took off. She brought a lot of life to it. The show had been about eight kids trying to make it. When Heather came in, the show became this soap about crazy things happening — love ­triangles, relationships, drama!”

Some of the others included in the special issue include The Larry Sanders Show, Breaking Away, Arrested Development, Clueless, and National Lampoon’s American Vacation. Here are the other Entertainment Weekly “Reunions Special” covers and excerpts:

Entertainment Weekly Reunions Issue cover with cast

Arrested Development: The Bluths are back (well, almost)! With the series returning for at least 10 new episodes that will debut on Netflix run this spring, the cast (who slipped into Renaissance-era costumes for their EW photo shoot) reveal what it was like to work together again. “We all walked onto the set and we just sat around and stared at each other, and it was surreal,” says Portia de Rossi. “Everybody looked exactly the same and they acted exactly the same, both in character and in between takes. Body ­language was the same, the same old jokes, the same old eye rolls. It was really amazing.”

EW Reunions Issue cover with Clueless cast Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash

Clueless: The high school satire may have evolved into a coming-of-age classic, but not every cast-member was immediately smitten with their character. Alicia Silverstone recounts her first impression of Cher: “I thought, ‘Who is this girl?’ I had nothing in common with her at all. I thought she was a materialistic, annoying little bitch.” She and co-star Donald Faison also admit that they didn’t immediately get most of the now-famous slang in the film. Says Faison: “I had no idea what the hell I was saying. What the f— is a ‘Monet’? What’s ‘going postal’ mean? And when they explained to me what it meant, I thought, ‘That’s really messed up!’”

Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash Entertainment Weekly Reunion Issues cover

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