Teen Mom 3’s Katie Yeager is pregnant! Exclusive details!

Katie Yeager

Yo internet, Imma let you finish, but we have a pregnancy announcement from one of our favorite reality stars of all time. OF ALL TIME!

Teen Mom 3 star Katie Yeager is pregnant again! Katie shared the news on Instagram with a playful photo of her daughter Molli reading the book Little Miss, Big Sis. There’s a basket in the background with what looks like a pink bow, as well as a clothesline that has two blue dresses and one pink dress hanging from it:

Teen Mom 3 Katie Yeager pregnant announcement

“Sometimes being a big sister is even better than being a princess,” wrote Katie, adding: “March 2017 ❤️?‍?‍?‍??? #babythayn” (CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT IF KATIE IS HAVING A BOY OR A GIRL!)

After her announcement, we reached out to the mom-to-be, and Katie was nice enough to share some more information. She says that the pregnancy was planned and that she had her IUD removed in April. And she apparently had no issues with fertility, as Katie found out she was pregnant less than three months later on July 5th. “I expected it to take a year or so,” she reveals. “I was shocked it happened so fast.”

As far as the #babythayn hashtag, Katie confirms to us that Thayn is the last name of her boyfriend. Katie has kept her relationship with Mr. Thayn on the DL as far as social media goes, but she did spill a little bit on Instagram recently. “I’ve been with a wonderful man for over a year. The sign of a happy relationship is no sign of it on social media,” she wrote. “Even if I was single it would still be a blessing. I’ve been a single mom to Molli most of her life and she is amazing.”

So, do Katie and her beau have any baby names picked out? “We haven’t decided on any names,” Katie tells us; “We will find out the gender in the next month then we will start taking about names and such.”

We’re sending out a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Katie and lucky Mr. Thayn! We were saddened when Teen Mom 3 was canceled, but it’s hard to argue that it wasn’t actually a good thing for Katie and Molli. I’ll let Katie explain:

Oh–and speaking of Molli, she’s five years old and going to school!? How is that even possible?! Here are some recent posts from Katie:

Katie Yeager daughter Molli 5

She's 5 ???

A photo posted by katiebyeager (@katiebyeager) on

UPDATE – More photos of Molli from the pregnancy announcement photo shoot!

Wait a second, the selfish voice inside my head is trying to tell me something. A Teen Mom 3 reboot? Why, I think that’s a great idea! It would certainly be a more “real” glimpse at the struggle of young moms than what the other franchises have become, given that the mothers of Teen Mom 3 never really saw a ton of money for being reality TV stars. We will just have to wait and see on that I suppose.

Annnnnnyways…Katie is my favorite celebrity in the world to share songs with, so I figured I would end this one with an appropriate tune — in a big picture kinda way:


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