Is Cece Frey’s leopard-print face tattoo real?

Leopard Print face tattoo Cece Fray X Factor

Cece Frey knocked Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” out of the water Tuesday night on The X Factor Season 2’s Miami Boot Camp, especially considering she followed another girl (Paige Thomas, who looks A LOT like Rihanna) singing the same song. IWALY is like kryptonite for singers: it destroys them on impact, but it was literally a breeze for Cece.

The big question, though, is whether or not her signature leopard-print face tattoo is real or something temporary.

Cece has been steadfast in making the tattoo her “brand,” but it has a kind of shiny quality that makes it seem not real.

Cece Frey tattoo leopard print X Factor I will always love you

Further evidence that it’s not real? This photo she posted on her instagram with the caption “Can’t stop my shine.”

It’s a gorgeous photo, but no tattoo! That’s a good choice because while the tattoo is helped her stand out now, it’s probably not something she’d want on her face forever. Or maybe she just found a really good brand of tattoo cover-up makeup.