PHOTOS Full police report from Track Palin’s domestic violence arrest

Track Palin arrest police report

Sarah Palin’s oldest son Track Palin has been arrested for domestic violence for the second time in two years after he allegedly broke into his parents’ home and assaulted his father, Todd Palin, who had locked the door and pulled a gun on his son. Track disarmed his father before taking him to the ground and punching him in the head, causing numerous cuts and bleeding.

The disturbing incident was reportedly all because Track wanted to get his truck. “Todd told Track not to come because he had been drinking and was on pain medication at the time,” reads the police report. Track did not obey his dad and soon arrived at the house to find the door locked and his father pointing a gun at him from behind a window. Things escalated from there, and, miraculously, no one was shot.

Here is the full police report followed by a transcript of the arresting officer’s account of what happened:

Track Palin arrest report page 1

I, Adam LaPointe attest to the following and state: On December 16, 2017 at approximately 2037 hours I, Officer LaPointe was disPatched to a disturbance located at 1140 W. Parks Hwy. The complainant, Sarah Palin stated that Track was freaking out and was on some type of medication. While driving to the location an update stated that Track had broken a window to make entry into the residence and was now assaulting Todd.

Upon arrival two vehicles exited the residence. In the first vehicle was a male Identified as Todd Palin. Todd appeared to have injuries to his face and head based on the visible blood running down his face. In the second vehicle was a female identified as Sarah Palin. Sarah was visibly upset. I was told that Track was still in the residence and alone at this time.

While making the approach to the residence yelling could be heard coming from the direction of the house. Upon arrival at the house contact was attempted with Track by calling to him to have him come out of the residence. A male later identified as Track Palin by ADL71510030 exited the front door which was partly open. Track stood on the porch. Communication was attempted which failed due to Track yelling and calling myself and other officers peasants and telling us to lay our guns on the ground before approaching the residence. Track then walked back into the residence.

Track could be seen moving around inside the residence. At one point Track exited the residence through an upstairs window onto the garage roof. He moved around in a strange manner and assumed a prone position just behind the roof line in what appeared to be an attempt to locate offices on the property. After a few seconds Track got back up and re-entered the residence through the same window he had exited the residence from.

After approximately 10-15 minutes communication was regained with Track and he was talked into coming back outside to talk. After talking with Track, he was detained and placed in handcuffs without incident. Track was then placed in my patrol vehicle and read his Miranda Warning. Track stated that I could continue asking him questions.

Track Palin Arrest report page 2

Track stated that he had consumed a few beers earlier. Track said that he had been talking to his dad, Todd about a vehicle. Track stated he had a disagreement and that there had been threats made between them. Track stated he then drove over to Todd’s house and when he arrived Todd had a gun in his hand. Track stated that he attempted to open the front door. When the door did not open he looked through the window next to the door and saw Todd pointing a gun at him. Track stated he told Todd to shoot him several times. Track said Todd tapped the barrel of the gun on the window so his [sic] punched the window breaking the window.

Track stated he then went through the broken window and disarmed Todd and put him on the ground. While Track had Todd on the ground he started hitting Todd in the head. Todd was able to get away from Track and get out of the residence.

During an Interview, Todd stated the argument had started when Track called wanting to come get his truck. Todd told Track not to come because he had been drinking and was on pain medication at the time. Track had told him that he was come anyway to beat his ass. Todd retrieved his pistol to protect his family. When Track arrived Todd decided that he was not going to shoot his son when Track came through the window. Todd sustained injuries to his face and head in direct result of being hit by Track’s fists. Todd had blood from several cuts on his head and had liquid coming from his ear.

Track was arrested for Domestic Violence Burglary 1, Domestic Violence Assault 4, Domestic Violence Criminal Mischief 4. Track was then transported to MatSu Pretrial.

At the time of Track Palin’s arrest on Saturday, he was still serving a two-year probation sentence from a previous domestic violence arrest in 2016. That arrest also took place at the Palin family home after Track allegedly punched a woman in the face. Track was in possession of a gun at the time and would eventually strike a plea deal in which he pleaded guilty to a weapons charge.

Prior to his 2016 arrest and conviction, Track was reportedly involved in another altercation at an Anchorage party. Track’s sister Bristol also reportedly threw numerous punches at another man, but no charges were filed in the altercation.

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