Alaska: The Last Frontier Season 6 update: Show renewed amid Kilcher triumph & tragedy

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Fans wondering about the status of Alaska The Last Frontier Season 6 need not worry. Despite the show’s long layoff, Discovery recently announced that it’s bringing the Kilcher family back for another season. And, though the family is just coming out of its annual winter deep freeze, that doesn’t mean there’s no news from their remote homestead.

Official word of Alaska The Last Frontier Season 6 came during Discovery’s 2016 upfronts. (In case you didn’t know, “upfronts” is the term for each network’s big reveal of its programming slate for the upcoming year. You can check out Discovery’s full announcement here; among the shows it renewed are Naked and Afraid and Naked and Afraid XLDeadliest Catch; Gold Rush; Bering Sea Gold; and Treasure Quest, among 15 others.) Though there isn’t yet word of an official premiere date, every season of Alaska TLF other than the first has started the first or second week of October. Given how popular the show is, it seems a safe bet that we’ll start seeing the Kilchers’ new adventures around the same time this year.

As far as what’s been happing up on the homestead, let’s begin with the sad news and go from there. Unfortunately, last month, Charlotte announced that her mother, Frances, had died. It sounds like the timing of Frances’ passing was especially difficult:

However, there is good Kilcher family birth news, courtesy of Jennica and Keenan. A few months ago, Jennica shared her 20 week sonogram on Facebook:

Then, just a few days later, the couple shared a sweet video featuring the guessing game they had their family play. Will Jennica and Keenan’s baby be a boy, or a girl? Find out here (if you haven’t already!):

Given the timing of those updates, it’s entirely possible that Jennica will give birth at some point over the next couple of weeks! Congratulations to the couple!

Finally, Eve recently announced the forthcoming publication of Homestead Kitchen, her (and her family’s) first-ever cookbook. The book’s official publication date is October 25, 2016, by which point Alaska The Last Frontier Season 6 should be a few weeks old. It already has a pre-order page up at Amazon, which you can find by clicking here. The promotional information–and über-warm cover–promise good times to come:

Eivin and Eve Kilcher, stars of the hit Discovery show Alaska: The Last Frontier, are experts in sustainable living. Homesteaders by choice, the couple has had to use their self-reliance skills to survive harsh winters in the Alaskan wilderness and raise a thriving family. In their debut book, the Kilchers share 85 original family recipes and advice on gardening, preserving, and foraging. The tips and techniques they have cultivated from their family and through necessity will help anyone looking to shrink their environmental footprint and become less dependent on mass-produced food and products. Stunningly photographed in and around their handmade home and farm, The Homestead Kitchen illustrates that taking on small-scale sustainable projects is not only possible in a suburban/urban setting, but ultimately a more responsible and gratifying way to live.

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(Photo credits: Alaska The Last Frontier Season 6 via Instagram, Discovery)

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