How many kids and baby mamas does Stevie J have? Complete list for LHHATL star

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How many kids does Stevie J have? And with how many different women? The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star is well-known for his prolific ways. And, given that his most recent plotline involves a potential surprise child he had with Cierra Washington two years ago, the numbers should come as no surprise to viewers.

According to a recent VH1 breakdown, Stevie J has five kids–and, per Hip Hop News, he’s had those five kids with four different women. However, those numbers come with a caveat: If you check VH1’s list, you’ll notice that the article actually claims Stevie J has six kids, but only goes on to list and mention five. The article was written around the time that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 began filming; as devoteés of this season’s drama rollercoaster know, it’s possible that Stevie actually has a two-year-old child with Cierra, one that he didn’t know about until very recently.

Furthermore, this clip of Stevie J himself giving a rundown of all of his children only includes five:

In the months since this article was first written, Stevie and former TV wife Joseline Hernandez have welcomed their first baby into the world, meaning Stevie now does have six kids. (Scroll to the bottom of the article for the latest on their baby girl.) If you take all of that into account, it looks like VH1 spilled its own tea a year ago, and we didn’t realize it until now! So, for the time being, here’s the definitive answer to the question of how many kids Stevie J has. (Click the link embedded in each name for a complete social media profile.)

Steven Jordan, Jr.

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Stevie Jr. is Stevie’s oldest. He’s a high school basketball star and prankster, one with an increasingly large Instagram presence. (He also appears to be a good big brother to Eva, Stevie J’s [current] youngest child, as the photos at the end of the article will attest.)

Sade Jordan

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Sade, Stevie’s oldest daughter, “has a close relationship with her siblings and enjoys spending girl time with just her sisters and dad.”

Savannah A. Jordan

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Savannah also goes by “Vannah” and claims she’ll “never be too big for daddy’s hugs.” She’s a budding Instagram celebrity, with 72,000 followers to her name.

Dorian Jordan

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Dorian “has an adorable mini-me named Zion,” who is Stevie J’s first grandchild.


How many kids does Stevie J have 5

Eva is, of course, well-known to LHHATL viewers, thanks to her appearances with mom Mimi Faust.

Here are a couple more photos of Eva, hanging out with her big brother Steven:

How many kids does Stevie J have 6

How many kids does Stevie J have 7

UPDATE – Now with even more baby goodness! Stevie J and Joseline recently welcomed Bonnie Bella into the world, which means Stevie now has a total of six kids with five different women. Here are the first official photos of Baby Bonnie:

Bonnie Bella Jordan 12.28.16

A photo posted by Stevie J. (@hitmansteviej_1) on

My daughter and my niece?

A photo posted by Management:JoselineHernandez (@joseline) on

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta airs Monday nights at 8 PM on VH1.

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