Who is Taylor Kinney, Lady Gaga’s fiancé?

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Lady Gaga went and got herself engaged over the Valentine’s Day weekend. So, first of all: Congratulations to her! And to her lucky fella. The lucky fella? Her long-time beau, 33-year-old firefighter-on-TV Taylor Kinney. (Gaga, for those of you keeping score at home, is 28 years of age.)

No offense to Mr. Gaga, though, but: What do we know about him?


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For starters, T-Kin is something of a journeyman actor, having played bit parts in a smattering of television programs and movies over the past decade. His best-known role is that of hunky fireman Kelly Severide on Chicago Fire, but Kinney had been around the block a few times before snaring that role. He had stints on The Vampire Diaries and Dating Rules From My Future Self, along with Rizzoli & Isles and CSI: NY, and a few others.

Film-wise, his biggest parts were as Phil in rom-com The Other Woman, and as marine Jared in Best Picture Oscar winner Zero Dark Thirty. Later this year, you’ll be able to see him alongside Bruce Willis, Zooey Deschanel, and Bill Murray in Rock the Kasbah.


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The Pennsylvania native has called he and Gaga “kindred spirits,” and further declares he’s ready to jump right into fatherhood. In a 2014 interview that touched on the topic, Kinney had this to say:


I do want to give Mom grandchildren, of course. I think I’d be a good dad, it would be a pleasure. I’d love it–and I’m in my 30s now….My mum wants me to get married and have children of course. She’s met Gaga, we’ve been dating a while, we’re in a committed relationship and I’m really happy in my relationship. I’m a very lucky guy.


In the same interview, Kinney spoke of the dynamic between he and Gaga: “‘I’m reserved. She’s not. For whatever reason, it works. It works and that’s that.”


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The pair met in 2011, when Kinney was cast in the video for Gaga’s track “Yoü and I.” They’ve been together–and, seemingly, stable–since then. It sounds like Kinney’s got quite a family-minded head on his shoulders. And, having been with Lady G for nearly four years, he knows well what it’s like to travel in the circle of one of the most famous people in the world. Best of luck to them both.

And, to echo yesterday’s big question: Will the pair do a crazy, Gaga-style wedding, or throw the expectation out the window and do something–gasp!–traditional?


(Photo credits: WENN; Taylor Kinney via Instagram)

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