90 DAY FIANCE Yve Arellano’s cleansing fire ceremony backfires

Yve Arellano has clashed with fiancé Mohamed Abdelhamed over some of his Islamic religious beliefs, but she has also tried to learn more about his religion. During tonight’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé she shares some of her own spiritual practices with Mohamed, but he isn’t interested in participating.

Yve, who is a massage therapist and DOM (doctor of oriental medicine) invite Mohammed to a fire ceremony with her friends. The fire ceremony is a Native American practice used to “cleanse and purify and also let go of things that may be difficult or hard.” Yve wants the fire ceremony to cleanse the negative energy between Mohammed and her friends.

Mohammed has previously clashed with her friends because they wear low-cut shirts and question him directly about his intentions with Yve. He finds them judgemental and thinks that they poison Yve’s thoughts against them.

During the fire ceremony Yve asks everyone to get a stick and release intentions and manifestations into the fire. Yve also used the fire to cleanse her healing stones.

Yve’s friend Rochelle says they do ceremonies like this every new moon and full moon. She says that she worries about Yve and wants the best for both of them, but says she and Yve’s friend worry about Mohammed’s level of commitment.

“I don’t know what they are doing,” Mohammed says as he watches from a bit of a distance. He says it’s like being in a movie and refuses to go near the fire to participate.

In interview, Mohammed reveals that he full-out rejects Yve’s spirituality. “I’m not okay with Yve’s beliefs,” he says. “If we wish something, why we, we don’t ask God? Fire has nothing to do with wishes. If that’s how Yve and her friends practice their spirituality, that goes against my beliefs. So, Yve should knot that’s not the best way to get me closer to her friends.”

At the end of the ceremony, Yve’s friend Tati tells Mohammed that she’s glad he came because she was worried that he didn’t like them anymore. Mohammed made it clear that his presence didn’t mean he liked her.

“You don’t like us?” she asked.

“No,” Mohammed bluntly replied. He goes on to clarify that he doesn’t like any of Yve’s friends because he feels judged by them and doesn’t want to be interrogated by them.

He also lets them know that he found the fire ceremony “too weird” for him, but he did like that the fire made him warm.

Mohammed’s rejection of Yve’s beliefs does rankle Yve. She feels like she has compromised when it comes to what he believes, but worries because he refuses to compromise in any way for her beliefs.

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