90 DAY FIANCE Mohamed wants Yve to give up bikinis for him

90 Day Fiancé‘s Mohamed Abdelhamed (25) connected with his fiancée Yve Arellano (48) when he saw a photo of her in a bikini on social media. Now, he wants Yve to give up bikinis and revealing clothing altogether if they’re going to get married.

Yve, who does not practice the Muslim faith, has already promised to give up a lot to live within Mohamed’s Muslim practice. She’s given up pork, she’s agreed to only drink on special occasions, and she has gotten rid of a lot of her wardrobe. She didn’t expect, however, to never wear a bikini ever again.

The couple has already had several conflicts around their cultural differences. Yve ordered a bidet for Mohamed so he didn’t have to wash his hands after he used the bathroom, and could be “clean” for prayer. However, she didn’t install the bidet before he made the trip to Egypt.

Mohamed was also upset because Yve has to go to work as a doctor of oriental medicine and massage therapist and cannot stay at home and attend to him like his mother used to.

While she was away at work, Mohamed cooked his own eggs and then got to work trying to figure out the bidet. He wasn’t successful, so Yve called in a handyman to get it down. The guy arrived to install the bidet while Mohamed was in another room.

He was upset when he discovered that the man had already come into the house and started work. “In Islam, that’s not right,” he said. “A man and a woman cannot be alone.” He told her she should have called him in. He asked her to call him if he wasn’t at home and he would “figure something out.”

Mohamed said that Yve needed to be “outside” of the house or at least a good distance when there is another man in the house. A frustrated Yve told Mohamed that she wasn’t used to this and that there were so many rules to learn. “So I’m glad that you learned another rule for today,” Mohamed told her.

During a night out with Yve’s friends, Yve also left the house in a dress with very thin material that exposed her thong underwear. Mohammed demanded that she cover herself up before she went outside.

“I was kind of annoyed that he didn’t approve of my outfit,” Yve said. “I didn’t think it was distasteful.” However, she didn’t raise much of a fuss because she wanted her friends to meet Mohamed and find out that he was a “good man with a beautiful soul.”

At the dinner, Mohamed thought that Yve’s friends were trying to provoke him by showing off cleavage.

Yve’s friends were just being provocative with their clothing, they also had some prying questions for Mohamed. They first asked if it was okay if they could ask him. He told them that they could ask him anything. Later, however, Mohamed got offended by how spicy the questions got.

When they asked if he had any other serious girlfriends beside Yve, he revealed that he had almost been engaged before, but she broke up with him because he didn’t have money.

They then asked him what he thought about Yve being almost double his age. “She’s still pretty,” he replied.

The questions got a little more intense from there. Mohamed revealed that he had never had sex, or even kissed, any other woman before Yve. One of Yve’s friends asked how he even knew what to do. “Have you ever watched porn?” she asked. “I mean, I know we’re animals. We have instincts. Like, we know what to do.”

Mohamed replied that he “just knew” what to do. It was at this point that Mohamed got extremely uncomfortable because in Egypt, he says no one would ask these kinds of questions.

The women then questioned why Yve wearing a bikini is now a problem if that’s how he first noticed her.

“I don’t care if she’s my wife. Just because she’s mine,” Mohamed says. “Since I’ve come here, she’s wearing dresses ’cause I feel more comfortable here about that.”

Yve told them that even coming to dinner, Mohamed had gotten upset because her butt was showing in her dress. She revealed in interview that she wanted to call Mohamed out to her friends because he was being controlled.

Mohamed explained that his desire for modesty was “protection for the woman because you don’t the intention of other people.” He said that Yve knows what he wants because he is clear about it, but Yve argued that it’s not “clear-cut” what Mohamed approves of.

One of her friends tried to tell Mohammed that often when men try to tell women what to wear it comes off as controlling.

Mohamed didn’t disagree and instead wondered why women in the U.S. didn’t want to be controlled. He added that nothing would change his mind on the matter.

Mohammed then got upset because he could feel Yve’s friends judging him. He felt like they had no right to judge him when he didn’t judge them for having “their boobs hanging out.” He missed the fact that he was judging them as well.

The drive home for Mohamed and Yve was even tenser as the couple processed the dinner. Mohamed was very quiet on the drive. When Yve pointed it out, Mohamed passively-aggressively said “You’re acting like you wasn’t there or something.”

He said that the wasn’t okay with the dinner, but pretended like it was ok for Yve. “I respect your culture and the difference between here and Egypt, but they didn’t do the same. They judged me all the time. But their opinion doesn’t matter to me.”

Mohamed went on say that he was disappointed that Yve told her friends about a private discussion between them about Mohamed’s opinion about Yve wearing bikinis.

Yve said she told her friend Tatiana about a fight Mohamed and Yve had the previous summer when Yve was wearing a bikini during a family trip.

Mohamed claims that Yve promised to change herself, but Yve disagrees. “No, I did not.” Yve said that she’s sick of being judged over her clothing choices.

Mohamed insists that Yve did agree to not wear a bikini, but then “disagreed after that.” He says Yve agreed to never wear a bikini and then did it.

“I’m not going to marry a woman wearing a bikini anymore,” Mohamed says.

Yve insists that she has no idea what Mohamed is talking about. She says she never promised to never wear a bikini again.

Mohamed says that Yve can dress out she wants, and drink wine, but if she doesn’t she shouldn’t get married. “Are you going to choose a bikini over me?” he asks.

In interview Mohamed promises that he will fly back to Egypt before the 90 days ends if she continues to “folow her friends in how they dress.”

“I am not a Muslim woman, and won’t be told what to do,” Yve says. “I don’t think that go out looking slutty or anything like that. I’m proud of the way I look, and I don’t think that I should be judged or ashamed for that. And I don’t like to feel that from the person that supposedly loves me.”

Can Yve and Mohamed get over this bikini line in the sand?

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